EPT Barcelona: German and pretty good too

September 04, 2009


There was a glaring omission from the last post here, the drivel entitled “German and pretty good“. I’m not quite sure how come I failed to mention Malte Strothmann in that round up. He’s as German and as good as any of those mentioned, and he has 110,000 chips.

“Kings versus queens,” Strothmann answered to the inevitable question of how he got those chips. They once belonged to Claudio Rinaldi, until that accident. “We’ve got some history together,” Strothmann continued. “At the World Series, I had queens and he had kings. [Pause for comedy effect.] But I sucked out on him that time.”


World Cup Winning Malte Strothmann, second left, winning the World Cup with Germany

With that, Strothmann got back to the game. A huge smile, obviously. And why not, when you’re German and pretty good too.

Sadly one German who will not be back for day 2 is Team PokerStars Pro Sebastian Ruthenberg, who busted a little earlier today. He won this event last year, and shortly before his exit our video blog team managed to catch up with him between hands at his table…

Watch EPT BARCELONA S6: Sebastian Ruthenberg on PokerStars.tv


It’s getting towards the end of the day and some major stacks are beginning to develop as other players bust, bust and bust. There are about 140 left, and you know where to go to find the selected chip counts.



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