EPT Barcelona: Final table, level 29, 30 & 31 updates (80,000-160,000)

November 27, 2010


7.50pm: Kent Lundmark is the EPT Barcelona champion
Kent Lundmark opened the button for 325,000 and was three-bet to 880,000 by Jesus Cortes Lizano. Lundmark instantly looked interested and opted to move all-in. Lizano made the call. The house erupted.

Lundmark: A♥Q♥
Cortes Lizano: K♦J♠

Lundmark was ahead but Cortes Lizano was far from dead and buried. The 9♦9♣7♠ flop left the Spaniard far behind, a 5♠ on the turn meant he was drawing thin and an A♠ meant he was out in second for €525,000. Lundmark had beaten a tough 758-player field to claim victory, an EPT title and a €825,000 winner’s purse. Well played, sir.

Full wrap of the day and how Lundmark knocked out five of the final table on his way to the top will be on this blog shortly. — RD

ept barcelona_day 5_kent lundmark2.jpg

Kent Lundmark scores another EPT victory for Sweden

7.35pm: Lundmark stepping up
Kent Lundmark is applying added pressure to Jesus Cortes Lizano. He’s three-betting him, then pushing him off flops when the Spaniard does call to see a flop. The net result is that Lundmark has opened up a 16.2million vs. 6.7million chip lead. — SY

7.25pm: Lundmark staking his claim
Kent Lundmark has just taken a two-to-one chip lead in this heads up. Lundmark had position and the key action took place on the turn of the 3♥J♣10♥4♣ board with the Swede betting 825,000 and Jesus Cortes Lizano check-raising to 2,425,000. Lundmark slowly made the call. The K♦ river was checked down by both players.

Lundmark: A♦J♠
Cortes Liazno: 3♣9♣

Looking at the hands at showdown the check-raise and ensuing call made perfect sense. Lundmark has over 15 million now and Cortes Lizano is going to have to make some moves to get back into this. — RD

ept barcelon_day 5_kent lundmark.jpg

Kent Lundmark has taken a solid lead in this heads up

7.20pm: Helloooooo Djibouti!
We have a global audience here, and a quick look at the stats for PokerStars Blog reveals we’ve been getting a single reader this week from the small country of Djibouti on the Gulf of Aden.

“My dad fought a war there,” proclaimed Sgt Major Stephen Bartley. — SY

7.12pm: Lundmark back
A hand just went the way of Kent Lundmark. He opened from the button for 350,000 which Jesus Cortes Lizano called for a flop of 4♥Q♦Q♠. Cortes Lizano checked before Lundmark bet 350,000; called by the Spaniard. Both checked the 10♦ turn for a 5♣ river card. A check from Cortes Lizano and a bet of 950,000 from Lundmark. Cortes Lizano wasted no time calling but lost the hand when the Swede showed 10♣9♠. – SB

7.10pm: Four-bet
A quick burst of three-bets pre-flop to takes pots has been broken by a four bet. Jesus Cortes Lizano made it 360,000, Kent Lundmark made it 960,000 before the Spaniard re-popped again to 1,920,000. That forced a fold from Lundmark, much to the delight of the local crowd watching this on a big screen in the tournament room. — SY

7.07pm: Chips
Kent Lundmark has 12.25 million chips to Jesus Cortes Lizano’s 10.7 million. Last few hands have been small pots with a couple of three-bets pre-flop finishing the action. — RD

7pm: Up we go
A burst of raise and takes pre-flop is punctuated only by the orchestral sound of a level jump. We’re now in level 31, with blinds at 80,000-160,000. There are no antes during heads-up play. — SY

6.50pm: Lundmark reclaims the chip lead
Kent Lundmark has swung the lead back after calling a three-bet from the button. Lundmark has opened for 245,000 and was three-bet from the button to 705,000. Call. Play checked all the way through to the J♦3♥10♥K♠K♣ river which Lundmark bet for 925,000. Jesus Cortes Lizano made the call. Lundmark showed J♠Q♠ to claim a 12.7 million to 10 million lead. — RD

ept barcelona_day 5_jesus lizano.jpg

Cortes Lizano: ‘Ooooo, that’s not what I wanted to see’

6.40pm: Back and forward
A succession of three-bets pre-flop takes down three hands – two for Kent Lundmark and one for Jesus Cortes Lizano. — SY

6.30pm: First flop
Kent Lundmark raised from the button to 245,000 and Jesus Cortes Lizano called on the button. Lundmark bet 260,000 into the 3♣4♥Q♣A♣ after the flop had been checked and Cortes Lizano made the call. Both players checked the 5♦ river. Lundmark showed down nine-high and Cortes Lizano tabled [a][4]. Lizano takes a small 12 million to 10 million lead. — RD

ept barcelona_day 5_heads up.jpg

Heads up at EPT Barcelona

6.15pm: Trappy Puchkov out in third place (€300,000)
Kent Lundmark opened for 245,000 from the button and was called by Konstantin Puchkov in the small blind. Lundmark c-bet 245,000 and was check-raised to 700,000 on the 3♠7♣J♠ flop. Lundmark clamly announced that he was all-in. Puchkov stood up, drank some RedBull, stuck his toothpick in his mouth and pushed his chips forward.

Lundmark: 6♠7♠ for middle pair and flush draw
Puchkov: K♦K♥ for over pair

It was a huge flip and the 10♦ saw the chip see-saw tip towards the Russian before a brutal K♠ dropped on the river giving Puchkov top set and Lundmark the flush. We’re taking a small break before the heads up, where Lundmark and Jesus Cortes Lizano will both have 12 million chips apiece. — RD

ept barcelona_day 5_konstantin puchkov.jpg

6.05pm: Cortes Lizano takes chip lead
Jesus Cortes Lizano has taken the chip lead with 10.3million after winning a chunky pot against Konstantin Puchkov. The Russian had open-raised to 260,000 and for the second time in a row, Cortes Lizano re-raised him to 725,000. Call. On the 8♠5♠8♣ flop, Puchkov called a massive 1.2million bet from Cortes Lizano. Then, on the 5♣ turn, Cortes Lizano moves all-in for 6.4million and got a fold. — SY

6pm: Check-raise for Puchkov
Konstantin Puchkov has just check-raised Jesus Cortes Lizano off a 10♥9♣A♣ flop to swing 665,000 off the Spaniard’s stack into his own. — RD

5.55pm: Quiet man comes to life
Jesus Cortes Lizano is by far the quietest of the three remaining players. After Lundmark took three hands in a row, it was Konstantin Puchkov who came in for a raise to 265,000, only for Cortes Lizano to three-bet to 735,000 to take the pot. — SY

5.50pm: Lundmark back on the march
Events have taken a turn for the worse for Kent Lundmark who not long ago doubled up Jesus Cortes Lizano, so this pot against Konstantion Puchkov will have boosted his spirits. Lundmark opened for 250,000 from the button and was called by Puchkov in the small blind. Puchkov led into the 7♥K♥J♣8♥ turn and Lundmark called. Puchkov then bet 420,000 into the 9♠ river and was called.

Lundmark: Q♥10♦ for the straight
Puchkov: J♠K♣ for top two pair

The Swede looks to be back into his rhythm. — RD

5.42pm: Great comeback for Jesus
This makes things a little more interesting. Local hero and PokerStars player Jesus Cortes Lizano has doubled through chip leader Kent Lundmark. The Swede opened with a raise to 240,000 before Cortes Lizano bumped it up to 685,000. Lundmark then moved all-in but the Spaniard called instantly.

Cortes Lizano: Q♦Q♥
Lundmark: A♦2♠

Cortes Lizano was in a great spot, and the board of 2♦9♣J♠4♠4♣ confirmed his massive pot. That means Lundmark is now the smallest stack:

Konstantin Puchkov, 9.5million
Jesus Cortes Lizano, 8.8million
Kent Lundmark, 4.4million

Things could move swiftly now. — SY

5.35pm: Tank call from Puchkov
Kent Lundmark raised from the small blind and was called by Konstantin Puchkov in the big blind. Play checked to the Q♣10♦6♣2♥ turn, which was check-called by Lundmark. An ace on the river was enough for Lundmark to lead 825,000 into. Puchkov tank called with [a][t] which was miles ahead of the Swede’s nine-high. If it takes Puchkov that long to call three-handed with a hand that strong it looks like it was a good bluff from Lundmark. — RD

5.25pm: Lundmark wins the first hand back
We’re back and Kent Lundmark uses the button to win the first pot. A delayed c-bet on the 7♠9♦5♥5♣ flop was enough to beat Konstantin Puchkov off the hand. — RD

5.20pm: Off again
After a slightly longer break than expected, we’re under way again. Current chips are:
Kent Lundmark, 10,070,000
Konstantin Puchkov, 8,285,000
Jesus Cortes Lizano, 4,545,000.

4.46pm: Break time
That’s the end of another level. Players are on a 25 minute break.

4.45pm: Puchkov power
On a flop of 7♥A♣4♣ Kent Lundmark checked in the small blind while Konstantin Puchkov did the same in the big. Jesus Cortes Lizano then raised to 465,000 which Puchkov called for a 4♠ turn. Puchkov checked first leaving Cortes Lizano to bet 1,135,000. But then Puchkov pounced, raising to 2.5 million, enough to take the pot and move up to 6.6 million. – SB

4.40pm: Lundmark gets a chunk back
Lundmark has just clawed a chunk back after flopping a strong combo-draw that got there on the river. The Swede had defended his big blind against Konstantin Puchkov’s button raise with 6♠7♠ and hit a great 4♠Q♠7♦ flop. Puchkov c-bvet the flop and Lundmark called. Both players checked the K♥ turn before Lundmark led 825,000 into the 3♠ river that had given him the flush and got paid off. — RD

4.35pm: Two in a row for Puchkov
Konstantin Puchkov and Kent Lundmark have been at each other’s throats in successive hands. First they checked a K♠10♦3♠ flop, and on the 8♦ turn Puchkov bet 350,000 and Lundmark called. Finally on the Q♣ river Lundmark checked then folded to the Russian’s 1 million bet.

Next hand, Lundmark made it 200,000 and Puchkov called. On the 9♣7♦2♥ flop Puchkov check-called Lundmark’s 225,000. Both then checked the 3♣ turn, and on the 6♣ river Puchkov made it 530,000 and that was good for another pot. — SY


Kent Lundmark, left, and Konstantin Puchkov

4.30pm: Lundmark calls down
Puchkov raised the button and Lundmark defended his big blind. Both players checked the 9♥Q♣Q♠ flop. Puchkov took Lundmark’s second check as weakness and bet 275,000 at the Q♦ turn. The Russina tried one final stab of 375,000 at the 3♣ river. Call. Lundmark showed an ace which was enough to beat Puchkov’s [6][7]. — RD

4.25pm: One for Cortes Lizano
Konstantin Puchkov called from the small blind, then called again when Jesus Cortes Lizano made it 310,000 from the big blind. On the 4♣7♣6♠ flop, Puchkov checked then folded when Cortes Lizano continued the aggression with a bet of 515,000. — SY

4.20pm: Puchkov takes a nibble from Lundmark’s stack
Kent Lundmark bet 200,000 and Konstantin Puchkov and Jesus Cortes Lizano called. On the 5♦4♠10♠ flop, Puchkov and Cortes Lizano checked, Lundmark bet 280,000 and only Puchkov called. On the 3♠ turn Puchkov check-called Lundmark’s 425,000, then both checked the 6♣ river.

Puchkov’s Q♦10♦ was well ahead of Lundmark’s 6♦9♦. — SY

4.13pm: Out kicked
A pot to Jesus Cortes Lizano in a hand against Konstantin Puchkov. On a board of 5♥3♦10♣6♥6♠ and a lot of checking, Cortes Lizano out-kicked the Russian, 10♠J♦ to 10♥3♠. — SB

4.12pm: Here’s Pantaleo

4.10pm: De Vries out in fourth place (€222,000)
Kent Lundmark is on an absolute tear at the moment and Shander de Vries has been busted in the process. De Vries moved all-in for 122,000 and was called by Lundmark. The look on the Dutchman’s face was not good.

Lundmark: A♣Q♠
De Vries: Q♦8♠

The 7♥6♦10♣ flop gave some hope but no eight or nine dropped on the turn or river. De Vries is out in fourth. — RD


Shander De Vries

4.02pm: Trouble in pairs, Pantaleo out
If there’s a pattern to this final table it is that the eliminations are coming in pairs. Not long after Thor Stang departed, Giuseppe Pantaleo followed him to the door when he shoved for 3,095,000. Ominously Kent Lundmark snap-called with Q♣Q♥ and the board didn’t help either, running 2♦5♣J♠10♠3♦. Pantaleo, who held the chip lead for the last two days, is out in fifth place earning €170,000. – SB


Giuseppe Pantaleo

3.58pm: Puchkov bullying
Konstantin Puchkov limped the small blind and led 200,000 into the 3♦A♣J♥ flop forcing short stack Shander de Vries to fold. — RD

3.56pm: Stang gone in sixth
Thor Stang moved all-in again for 1,625,000 with K♦Q♣ on the button and Kent Lundmark called from the big blind, turning over 5♠5♦.

The board ran 6♦7♣3♠10♣J♣ sending the pot to Lundmark and Stang to the rail in sixth place, earning €130,000. — SB


Thor Stang

3.55pm: Rollercoaster hand for Pantaleo
This was a hand to make the blood pressure go haywire for Giuseppe Pantaleo. Shander De Vries had raised to 200,000 and Pantaleo shoved for 1,130,000 – call!

Pantaleo: A♦10♥
De Vries: A♠4♠

Pantaleo was looking in fine shape for a double up, but the flop came a devastating 4♦K♦7♥, sending the Dutchman into an unlikely lead. Pantaleo’s tournament was now hanging by a thread, and the K♥ turn did not help a great deal, although it offered some chop possibilities, and win with a ten and now also with an ace.

Boom! The river was A♣, and Pantaleo went from ahead, to behind to ahead again right at the death. He moves up to 2,200,000 while De Vries slips to 1,200,000. — SY

3.50pm: Stang all-in (again)
Thor Stang is the next to move all-in, for 1,595,000. Giuseppe Pantaleo looked down at J♣10♣ and thought about it, but eventually folded face up. — SB

3.45pm: Pantaleo looks furious
Giuseppe Pantaleo does not look a happy man. He raised to 210,000 from the hijack and was called by Konstantin Puchkov in the big blind. Puchkov check-called 260,000 on the 3♦Q♦10♠ flop before both players checked the 2♣ river. Puchkov then made a large 750,000 bet on the river for around 40% of Pantaleo’s stack, which the German took some time calling. Puchkov’s showed ace-five for the wheel and Pantaleo looked absolutely sick about the backdoor draw getting there. He’s down to 1.2 million. — RD

3.35pm: Stang all-in
Thor Stang moved all-in for 1.45 million from the small blind and Cortes Lizano passed. Stang adds 160,000 to his stack. — RD

3.30pm: Action
After a gentle start tot he new level Jesus Cortes Lizano opened for 215,000 which Kent Lundmark called before Shander De Vries moved all-in for 1,905,000. Cortes Lizano thought for some time before folding. Lundmark didn’t think very long at all before passing. – SB

3.18pm: Don’t forget
Remember you can find profiles of the players in the previous post, as well as chip counts and payouts on the appropriate pages. You can also watch the final table live on EPTLive, where Messrs Hartigan and Wealthall will keep you company. You may even learn something, even if that is just the password to the free roll.

3.16pm: Play restarts
Players are back in their seats and we’re ready to play. Blinds in level 29 will be 50,000-100,000 with a 10,000 ante. — SB


The crowds watching the final table

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