EPT Barcelona: Final table, level 27-30 (50,000-100,000, ante 10,000)

September 01, 2011


9.02pm: It’s a break
Join us in a new post shortly where we’ll post the new chip counts. — RD

9pm: Check, bet, fold
Eugene Katchalov opened from the hijack and was called by Martin Schleich who check-folded a 10♦7♠10♠ flop.

Schleich had executed the same routine on the winning side against Tomeu Gomila the hand before on a Q♥A♦7♠ flop. Easy game. — RD

8.50pm:The Raul Mestre show
He’s running things right now. Here’s the last four hands at the table:

Hand 1
Eugene Katchalov made it 225,000 from under the gun, and Dragan Kostic called before Mestre moved all-in, forcing folds all round.
Hand 2
Mestre made it 225,000 and Katchalov called from the big blind. They saw a 2♥3♠K♠ flop, Katchalov checked then folded when Mestre bet 175,000.
Hand 3
Mestre bet 225,000 from under the gun, and everyone folded.
Hand 4
Martin Schleich bet 225,000 and Mestre called. On the 9♦8♣5♠ flop. Mestre bet 275,000 and Schleich folded.

With that, Mestre is up to 2.6 million, well up from the 700,000 or so he was left with after that earlier clash with Schleich. — SY

8.45pm: Calm before the storm?
Another quiet spell, with only one moment of excitement when Raul Mestre moved all-in from the big blind after Dragan Kostic made it 250,000 from the small blind. The all-in was for around 1,600,000 but after spending a couple of minutes thinking about it, Kostic passed, much to the delight of the crowd. – SB

8.35pm: Mestra all-in, Schleich doesn’t like
Martin Schleich opened the button for 225,000 and Mestra shoved all-in from the big blind for 1,495,000. Schleich passed. — RD

8.32pm: Another three-bet from Katchalov
Eugene Katchalov scored a point against Tomeu Gomila with yet another three-bet. Gomila opened to 200,000 from the cut-off and Katchalov came over the top for 625,000. Quick fold.

This tournament is here for Katchalov’s taking – the other players don’t seem to want to tangle with him. Can’t think why… — RD

8.25pm: Wilf out in sixth leaving Katchalov with huge advantage
The final table goes five-handed with the elimination of Saar Wilf in sixth place. Wilf opened for 200,000 and two seats along Eugene Katchalov moved all-in for more than 7,000,000. Wilf called with around 2,000,000 and turned over A♠2♦ to Katchalov’s 3♦3♣.

The flop of 5♣J♣4♠ made things tense for both players but there were no changes to Katchalov’s advantage after the 10♥[ turn and 2♠ river cards. Wilf out, collecting €145,000. It leaves Katchalov close to 10,000,000 chips. – SB

ept barcelona_day 5_saar wilf.jpg

Saar Wilf bust out in 6th

8.18pm: Dinner done – players back
The final six players have sat back and it’s looking like there may be early action. — RD

6.55pm: Schleich comes to life as play stops for dinner
Saar Wilf opened for 250,000 and Martin Schleich came to life, raising to 575,000 from the cut off. Wilf called to see the flop which came Q♠10♣A♥.

Both checked that for a 5♠ turn card which Wilf also checked. Another 425,0000 from Schleich this time but Wilf was still there to call. It was Schleich’s turn to call on the 5♥ river after Wilf bet 700,000. It was a profitable one – Schleich showing A♣K♠, to Wilf’s A♥3♠ to win the hand.

Players are now on a 75 minute dinner break. — SB

6.50pm: A few hands

– Saar Wilf opened to 225,000 and was three-bet to 625,000 by Eugene Katchalov

– Tomeu Gomila opened his small blind to 325,000 and Saar Wilf called in the big. Gomila led 325,000 into the 4♠6♠J♠ flop and Wilf raised to 825,000 to take the pot. These two have continually tangled in the blinds.

– Dragan Kostic opened for 200,000 and c-bet 250,000 into a 7♦[1h]2♦ flop to win a small pot from Wilf. — RD

6.38pm: Push, push, double up
After being crippled by Martin Schleich, Raul Mestre pushed two hands in a row and got no callers. Now his stack was 1,125,000, and when he pushed for the third hand in a row, Eugene Katchalov suspected he must be light. He called, but found Mestre had got a hand at the perfect time.

Mestre: A♠K♠
Katchalov: A♥5♦

While the A♦3♣4♣ flop opened more outs for Katchalov, and the 7♠ turn offered even more, the J♠ was not any of them. Mestre doubled up to 2.2 million, Katchalov slips back to 6.5 million. — SY

ept barcelona_day 5_raul mestre.jpg

Raul Mestre, back from the brink

6.30pm: In out in
Martin Schleich opened for 225,000 and Mestre asked for a count, the answer coming 2,250,000. Mestre then shoved and Schleich called, prompting the tournament director to pause to get a count as, from a distance, they looked evenly matched.

Play continued with Mestre turning over K♥10♥ to Schleich’s Q♥Q♦.The board then ran 6♥4♦3♠3♣A♥ sending the chips to the German and what Mestre to the rail. Or so it was thought. Mestre didn’t think he was out and a recount confirmed it – the Spaniard still in, but down to 900,000. – SB

6.20pm: Another one for Katchalov
Eugene Katchalov is turning the screw and is going to be difficult to budge from the chip lead. The Team PokerStars Pro opened the button for 180,000 and was called by Raul Mestre in the big blind. Both players checked the 2♦A♠6♦ flop before Katchalov fired a delayed 300,000 c-bet into the 5♦ turn. Mestre looked a little unhappy and passed his hand. Katchalov up to 7,700,000. — RD

6.10pm: Chip counts
Saar Wilf – 2,900,000
Martin Schleich – 2,500,000
Eugene Katchalov – 7,500,000
Dragan Kostic – 3,500,000
Raul Mestre – 2,700.000
Tomeu Gomila – 4,700,000

6.05pm: More for Katchalov, takes lead
Eugene Katchalov’s heater continues. He made it 180,000 and then called when Tomeu Gomila made it 505,000. On the K♣3♦J♣ flop, Gomila continued his aggression with a bet of 855,000. But Katchalov wasn’t done; he raised again to 1.9 million. Gomila thought for a moment or two before getting the message and folding.

That pot sends the Team PokerStars Pro to the chip lead, with around 7.5 million. Gomila is down to 4.7 million. — SY

5.55pm: One for Katchalov, one for Kostic
Eugene Katchalov just took another pot off of Raul Mestre, calling Mestre’s pre-flop raise of 175,000 for a flop of Q♦3♦9♥. Both checked for a 5♠ turn which Katchalov bet at, 300,000 total. Mestre called, taking it to the K♥ river card where Katchalov moved another 750,000 forward, forcing Mestre to pass.

Dragan Kostic took the next pot, betting 450,000 on a board of 8♣Q♥8♠6♠ prompting Katchalov and Saar Wilf to fold. – SB

5.45pm: Gomila takes a little
Tomeu Gomila opened the small blind for 180,000 and Saar Wilf made the call in the big blind. Both players checked the 9♠8♣Q♠ flop but Gomila led 225,000 into the K♠ turn to take the pot.

Mestre scooped the blinds with a cut-off raise the next hand. — RD

5.35pm: Another double for Katchalov
He may have started the day as the short stack but Eugene Katchalov is now up to 5,500,000, back from the brink after a key hand against Raul Mestre.

Mestre opened for 160,000 from under the gun which Katchalov called from the small blind. The flop came K♥10♠3♣ and Katchalov bet 250,000, watching as Mestre called for a 3♦ turn card. Now Katchalov checked and Mestre led the betting, making it 600,000. Katchalov then raised to 1,450,000. Mestre returned fire by moving all in. Katchalov made the call, showing A♣K♠. Mestre, his face pulling all sorts of ways, showed A♦10♥ and braced himself for the river card, 7♦.

Another double up for Katchalov who now has some weight behind him with which to edge closer to the Triple Crown. Mestre drops to 2,900,000. – SB

ept barcelona_day 5_eugene katchalov.jpg

Katchalov getting it in

5.25pm: Katchelov out… no he’s not
Eugene Katchalov’s triple crown hopes were hanging by a thread, and by thread I mean three outs with one card to come.

Tomeu Gomila had opened for 180,000 and Katchalov moved all-in for 1,300,000 from the big blind. Gomila quickly called.

Katchalov: A♥J♥
Gomila: A♠4♣

The flop peeled out 6♦4♥8♦ and the large Spanish rail exploded*. Katchalov’s hopes were resting on a jack or backdoor hearts. The turn was red, a 9♦. The backdoor draw was gone, now just the jack remained.

The J♣ hit the river and the rail grew boisterous again commiserating loudly with their man. Gomila drops to 6,500,000 but misses the chance to take a large lead and knock out the dangerous Team PokerStars Pro who is now up to 2,750,000. — RD

*Not literally.

ept barcelona_day 5_rail shot.jpg

The mysterious case of the exploding rail

5.07pm: On we go
Players are back at the table and blinds are now up to 40,000-80,000 with a 10,000 ante. Six remain. — SY

5pm: Chips
While the players are on their break, we’ve all Marc Convey’s been busy getting the chip counts. It would be rude not to share them with you…

1 Tomeu Gomila 6,085,000
2 Saar Wilf 5,760,000
3 Raul Mestre 5,355,000
4 Dragan Kostic 2,940,000
5 Martin Schleich 2,435,000
6 Eugene Katchalov 1,670,000

4.50pm: Wilf winces as Kostic costs him
Dragan Kostic opened for 160,000 from under the gun which Saar Wilf called for a flop of A♦5♥Q♦. Kostic bet again, 250,000 this time which Wilf called against for a Q♥ turn, at which point Kostic moved all-in for 1,000,000.

Wilf thought long and hard, eventually calling; wincing as he turned over A♣J♥. He had reason to be cautious – Kostic turned over A♥K♦, winning the hand after the 10♠ river card.

Players are now on a 15 minute break. – SB


Dragan Kostic turns over his hand…


… and likes the result

4.45pm: It’s all Greek to me
Exciting news just released by PokerStars: the European Poker Tour is heading to Greece. As someone who has just returned from a splendid summer holiday on the Greek island of Corfu, I can tell you that you’re in for a treat.

The event will run November 15-20, and you can read all about the EPT event in Greece here. — SY

4.25pm: Perez eliminated in seventh place
Juan Manuel Perez departs in seventh place, sent to the rail by Tomeu Gomila.

Gomila opened for 135,000 in middle position and Perez raised to 335,000. Gomila then announced all-in which Perez called showing A♦K♥. Gomila turned over 10♦10♣.
The board ran 3♣J♣7♣2♦10♥ to send Perez to the rail to collect €105,000. – SB


Perez gets the bad news

4.15pm: Big pot to Wilf
Saar Wilf has taken a large pot from Tomeu Gomila to chip up to 7,250,000.

Gomila had opened the pot from the hijack and had been called by Wilf in the cut-off and Eugene Katchalov in the big blind. Gomila had c-bet 155,000 into the Q♣10♣J♥ flop and both other players called.

Gomila led 500,000 into the 4♦ turn and Wilf raised to 1,300,000. Gomila called but check-folded to a 2,000,000 bet on the 5♠ river. — RD

4pm: Two pots
Eugene Katchalov opened for 135,000 on the button which Raul Mestre called for a flop of 10♥J♥J♠. Mestre checked and Katchalov bet out 150,000, enough to win the hand.

In the next pot Saar Wilf opened for 150,000 which was raised to 365,000 by Juan Manuel Perez. Wilf called for a flop of 7♠4♦5♥ which he checked. Perez moved all-in prompting Wilf to fold. – SB

3.50pm: Perez pushes tens
Tomei Gomila had opened the hijack for 130,000 and Juan Manuel Perez moved all-in for around a million. Gomila passed and was shown pocket tens. — RD

3.45pm: Katchalov all in
Eugene Katchalov bet 135,000 only for Tomeu Gomila to raise to 285,000. Katchalov then moved all, sending Gomila into the tank. When he emerged, he elected to fold. — SY

3.40pm: Wilf’s pot
Eugene Katchalov, Saar Wilf, Tomeu Gomila and Dragan Kostic all saw a 5♠4♠Q♠ flop. Katchalov bet 225,000 but then folded, like everyone else, when Wilf re-raised to 625,000. — SY


Saar Wilf

3.35pm: Play restarts
Whatever the hitch was, it’s been fixed. Play is under way again. — SY

3.26pm: Hitch gets larger
The players have left the table as the technical hitch grows. Time to get coffee (to either drink or rub in the eyeballs). — RD

3.24pm: Are you a structure geek?
For those of you that like to pore over structures like a poker geek you can look at the blinds and antes by clicking on this red bit of text here. — RD

3.18pm: The Young Report
Honed from years working in Fleet Street, Simon Young’s investigative skills have been put into full effect.

“There’s a technical hitch, but I’ve no idea what it is,” said Young.

Brilliant, thanks for that. — RD

3.14pm: Pause in play
I’d love to be able to tell you why play has been halted but I have no idea what it is. Simon Young is en route to the table to find out what’s going.

“I’m going to find out what’s going on,” said Young.

Play starting again soon, we hope. — RD

3.03pm: Back at the table
The final seven players are back in their seats and ready to go.

1. Saar Wilf, 5,600,000
2. Martin Schleich, 2,420,000
3. Juan Manuel Perez, 1,160,000
4. Eugene Katchalov, Team PokerStars Pro 2,300,000
5. empty
6. Dragan Kostic, 2,260,000
7. Raul Mestre, 5,605,000
8. Tomeu Gomila 4,925,000

Average stack is 58 big blinds so plenty of play left here. Perez, the short stack, has almost 20 big blinds. — RD

2.40pm: Break
That’s the end of the level, and our remaining seven final table players are on a 20-minute comfort break. — SY

2.35pm: Likely a good laydown
The board was showing K♣9♦A♠5♣K♦ and Eugene Katchalov had called Tomeu Gomila on each street before the river. At that point, Gomila bet 800,000. Katchalov tanked for four minutes. He’d seen Gomila make some outrageous bluffs over the past few days, but he chose to fold.

Both Rick Dacey and I believe Gomila had it this time. Firstly, he did not turn over a bluff (which he tends to do), but secondly he looked a little gutted not have got a call. But then again, what do we know? He probably had 7♣2♦. — SY

2.32pm: Schleich takes on Gomila
Martin Schleich has just three-bet Tomei Gomila off a 110,000 button raise by making it 375,000 out of the big blind. The Spaniard never looked like playing on and mucked his hand. Since taking the Day 1A chip lead Schleich has never been far from the chip lead, very calm and collected. — RD

ept barcelona_day 5_martin schleich.jpg

Martin Schleich

2.26pm: Four-bet takes it
Eugene Katchalov opened for 110,000 and Raul Mestre re-raised to 225,000 from the small blind. Katchalov was in no mood to lose another pot to the Spaniard, and raised again to 750,000 total. Mestre looked like a child who was disappointed with his Christmas present, and folded. — SY

2.18pm: Mestre picks up a nice one
Raul Mestre raised and was called by Saar Wilf before Eugene Katchalov re-raised to 360,000. Both called. On the K♦J♠9♦ flop, Katchalov bet 550,000 but Mestre re-raised to 1.1 million. Wilf folded quickly, while Katchalov took three minutes to do the same. — SY

2.08pm: About time
Martin Schleich wins his first pot of the day, worth around 500,000. He and Tomeu Gomila got all the way to the river on a A♥7♥8♥Q♥7♦ board. Both checked and, with neither holding a heart, Schleich’s A♠5♠ was good. — SY

2.01pm: Katchalov busts Isabel Baltazar (€73,000)
Team PokerStars Pro Eugene Katchalov’s comeback has continued with an aces into queens set-up that has knocked Isabel Baltazar into touch.

Katchalov opened for 110,000 and was three-bet by Baltazar to 275,000. The action passed around and Katchalov moved all-in. It was always going to be a call just as it was always going to be two big hands. Based on her play from the last few days there’s little chance Baltazar would be three-betting light and in turn Katchalov would never be getting it in light. Blatazar made the call and looked instantly disappointed.

Katchalov: A♦A♣
Baltazar: Q♠Q♦

The board ran out 8♦8♣8♥K♣6♥ to send Baltazar to the rail and Katchalov up to 2,800,000. This is very bad news for the rest of the table. Katchalov’s triple crown hopes have a renewed vim. — RD

ept barcelona_day 5_isabel baltazar.jpg

Isabel Baltazar, out in 8th for €73,000

1.52pm: Katchalov doubles
I’m pretty sure no one on this table wants to see Eugene Katchalov accumulating chips. This is his sixth major final table of the year already, and you wouldn’t bet against him going all the way and taking this title.

Certainly, he has just doubled up to get a more playable stack. Saar Wilf raised to 125,000 and Katchalov pushed for 625,000. Wilf did the maths in his head, and elected to call. Katchalov was pretty pleased when the hands were turned over.

Katchalov: A♥Q♠
Wilf: Q♣9♣

Wilf was dominated, and the board ran 4♠J♦8♥7♣6♦ to seal the deal. Katchalov up to 1.3 million, Wilf is on about 6 million. — SY

1.47pm: Enthusiastic crowd
There’s a noisy rail here. With four Spaniards starting the final table, the locals have a good deal of cheering to do. — SY


The cheerleaders at the final table

1.45pm: Perez shoves
Tomeu Gomila opened the action and Dave Grohl lookalike Juan Manuel Perez moved all-in for 940,000. After a short amount of posturing he passed. Perez up to 1,150,000. — RD

1.40pm: More for Wilf
Saar Wilf’s good start continues, this time winning a sizable pot off Isabel Baltazar. He called her pre-flop raise to see a K♦6♣A♠ flop. Both checked and on the 2♣ turn Baltazar called Wilf’s 150,000 bet. He made it 275,000 on 2♠ river, again getting a call. Wilf turned over A♥5♦. It was good. — SY

1.35pm: All in, fold
Team PokerStars Pro Eugene Katchalov moved all-in and everyone folded. Katchalov is looking to join the Triple Crown club today by adding an EPT title to his WSOP and WPT victories. — SY

1.31pm: Wilf chip leader
Saar Wilf takes the chip lead after a pot worth more than 2.5 million against Tomeu Gomila. On a 7♦K♦7♥5♣2♥ board, and with betting on every street, Wilf showed A♠A♦, nicely ahead of Gomila’s pocket jacks.

Wilf is up to 6.7 million, Gomila down to 4.6 million. — SY

1.25pm: Expect more of this
First hand and Tomeu Gomila sets out his stall. Raul Mestre opened with a raise to 110,000 and Gomila re-raised to 285,000 to take the pot. Gomila is an aggressive sort, and will no doubt be bullying a fair bit. — SY


EPT Barcelona final table players

1.22pm: We’re off
Play has started.

1.15pm: Maybe just five minutes more
Play will be under way shortly.

12.10pm: Long delay
The start of play has been delayed. Players are having official shots taken and interviews. We’ll be back shortly.

11.50am: New champion to be crowned
We return to the Gran Casino Barcelona with eight players (notice I didn’t say men, we have one female in the shape of Isabel Baltazar) fighting it out for the €850,000 first place prize and the second Season 8 EPT title. Tomeu Gomila is currently the man to beat. — RD

ept barcelona_day 5_eugene katchalov.jpg

Eugene Katchalov: short stacked, triple crown in the waiting

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Barcelona (in order of money lost on Montpellier vs. Amiens last night): Rick Dacey (£47.50), Simon Young (£10), Stephen Bartley £2.50). Photos by Neil Stoddart.


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