EPT Barcelona: Doom, climber, and more doom

September 10, 2008

Of the 292 players who started today, 180 remain as we enter level seven. The idea is to play eight levels today, eight levels tomorrow, and then see where we are for the remaining days once the field is all in one place at the same time.

As I write, my colleague Stephen Bartey has joined a huge mass of spectators circling a table that features Erica Schoenberg, Illari Sahamies, Mike McDonald, Jason Mercier and Johannes Strassman. That’s a couple of EPT champions, another couple of EPT final table players, a top American pro, and the man who goes by the name Ziigmund and plays the highest-possible stakes online in the wildest fashion. Bartley’s eye-witness report will be with you soon.

My next stop is with Andre Akkari. The Team PokerStars Pro has one of the most neatly stacked, and tallest, towers of chips today in Barcelona. The Brazilian has been running good in online tournaments recently, and although he didn’t manage to find the money on the recent Latin America Poker Tour, his game seeems to be in good shape. I’ll try to find out how and why.

Not such good news for Victoria Coren, however. She just got her short-stack all in behind a pair of tens, but lost the race to a suited ace-jack.

_MG_9717_Neil Stoddart.jpg

The Team PokerStars Pro is gone.


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