EPT Barcelona: Different faces but the same effect

September 10, 2008

What once was is now different. Gone from the table collider are Illari Sahamies to a different table and Mike McDonald to the rail, and in their place have arrived former WPT winner Christian Grundtvig and a final tablist from Barcelona twelve months ago Mika Paasonen.

Paasonen has played a disciple game of poker today. Earlier this evening he folded pocket jacks that had made a set, saving himself much of his stack after a brutal spell of concentration. Now that same degree of skill is as much on display.

_MG_1957_Neil Stoddart-2.jpg
Mika Paasonen

Jason Mercier had led the betting from under the gun, fresh from stacking chips from another victorious pot that has taken his stack to more than 45,000. He found callers in seat two and in Paasonen in the big blind.

Mercier checked the 7♣10♦10♥ but the seat two player instantly raised, making it 2,600. But waiting for this was Paasonen, ready with a re-raise to 5,500 which saw off Mercier and ultimately secured him the pot.


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