EPT Barcelona: Day three done and dusted

September 01, 2007

The lights have gone out around the poker tables; the bar is buzzing with bad beats. Day three of the PokerStars.com European Poker Tour season opener in Barcelona is a wrap.

We tried to get down to eight players. We did. We really tried. But tomorrow, 13 contenders will return at 3.30pm central European time, to contest the big money.

Top of the ladder is Nikolaus Jedlicka, a PokerStars SuperNova from Austria, who bought his seat here using W-Dollars. And he’s been busy turning that fantasy money into something significantly more tangible, bludgeoning his way to close to a million chips.

In his wake, with not much between any of them, are Mika Paasonen, from Finland; Adam Junglen, a PokerStars player from the United States; Mark Teltscher, EPT London champion; Tronde Eidsvig, from Norway; Mohamad Kowssarie, from Sweden, Sander Lylloff, from Denmark, and Juan Maceiras, a local favourite.

Also returning are: Voitto Rintala, Greg Dyer, Philip Yeh, Patrick Bruel and Davidi Kitai.

However, Dutch player Kees Alblas didn’t manage to cling on. He was knocked off the outer table on the final hand of the night, getting his short-ish stack all in with 10-6. He was called by A-9 and a nine flopped. Out.

Full chip counts will be here when we know them and we’ll be back with full coverage tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s what happened today:

All goes wrong for Wong

Bruel takes a beat

Katja Thater hits the rail

Early casualties

TV table arrives


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