EPT Barcelona: Day 3, level 26 & 27 updates (25,000-50,000, ante 5,000)

August 31, 2011


6.25pm: Jose Esteban out in 9th for €50,000, final table set
We are down to the final eight at EPT Barcelona, all of whom will now head off into the warm Barcelona evening before returning tomorrow for their shot at the title and €850,000 first prize.

The man to miss out is Jose Esteban. He was just eliminated, shoving from the hijack with A♠10♦ but getting called by Martin Schleich from the small blind with A♣J♣.
Esteban needed help, but the board ran 5♥3♦5♠9♠K♣.

We’ll have the official final table chip counts with you shortly, as well as a full wrap of today’s quick-fire events. Meanwhile, we’ll update the prizes and payouts page here. — SY


Jose Esteban

6.20pm: Man down
Man down! Details to come. — RD

6.15pm: We start again
The final nine have taken their seats and you an find their up-to-date chip stacks by clicking here. Tomeu Gomila lead with 6,875,000, more than twice average. — RD

6.02pm: Slow down
Things have quietened down, and we’ve seen no hands of note for the past ten minutes. Just as well the end of the level is here, and players have been sent on a 20-minute break. — SY

5.48pm: Perez fails to fire
Would Juan Manuel have won this pot if he’d kept up his pre-flop aggression? We’ll never know.

Raul Mestre opened from middle position to 90,000 and was three-bet to 225,000 by Perez in the small blind. Eugene Katchalov passed in the big blind and Mestre made the call.

The board was checked to the 7♠8♣8♠4♦ turn which Mestre made a small 155,000 bet into. Perez made the call. The J♠ was checked by both players again and Mestre showed down 6♣6♦ to take the pot. Perez, frustrated, flashed ace-king. Perez is dropping into short stack territory, Mestre stacking up again. — RD

ept barcelona_day 4_juan manuel perez.jpg

Did the pressure get to Perez?

5.35pm: Gomila shows off another bluff
Tomeu Gomila seems to like bluffing. He also seems to like showing them off when they work. This time he made it 85,000 and got a call from Saar Wilf on the button. On the K♠9♥5♦ flop, Gomila made it 100,000 and Wilf called. On the Q♠ turn, Gomila checked, Wilf bet 200,000 – and then Gomila re-raised to 700,000.

Wilf thought for a minute, then mucked, prompting Gomila to proudly show off the mighty 6♥7♥ for, er, air. It was the second time in 30 minutes that he had showed a bluff. — SY

5.25pm: One for Kostic
Isabel Baltazar raised to 100,000 and Dragan Kostic called from the next seat along. Everyone else got out of the way. On the Q♠2♣5♥ flop, Baltazar it 150,000, again get a call from the Spaniard. Both then checked the 4♦ turn, but on the 2♥ river, Baltazar bet 250,000.

Dragan thought for some time before electing to call, showing A♥3♥ for the straight. Baltazar’s pocket jacks were beaten. — SY


Dragan Kostic

5.22pm: Esteban all-in
Jose Miguel Esteban is the first player all-in for their tournament life at the final table. Raul Mestre opened the cut-off to 90,000 and Esteban shoved the button for 580,000. Mestre put his head into the crook of his arm and leant on the rail – he does seem to be feeling the heat of the TV table lighting rig. After the count Mestre passed and Esteban, now up to 700,000, showed down pocket jacks.

Apart from that hand, Eugene Katchalov has scooped one set of blinds and Martin Schleich the other. — RD

5.15pm: Katchalov put to the test
Tomeu Gomila opened for 85,000 and Eugene Katchalov defended his big blind. On the Q♣K♠3♥ flop, the Team PokerStars Pro check-called Gomila’s 95,000. Both then checked the A♥ turn, but on the 9♥ river, after Katchalov had again checked, Gomila moved all-in for his gazilion chips (technical term for 6.2 million).

By now, Katchalov had only around 850,000 behind. He went deep into the tank. He looked as though he did not believe Gomila had it, but could not find a call. He folded.

Gomila was pleased with his work – slapping down 10♠7♣ for complete air. — SY

5.10pm: ‘Go!’
That’s what the tournament director said. Okay, he used more words but he may as well have said.

4.50pm: The final nine
The final nine players have now been brought together onto one table. We’ll need one more knockout before play ends for the day and we have our official final table ready – that will play out tomorrow.

1. Saar Wilf, 5,085,000
2. Martin Schleich, 1,505,000
3. Juan Manuel Perez, 1,515,000
4. Eugene Katchalove, Team PokerStars Pro, 1,035,000
5. Isabel Baltazar, 2,985,000
6. Dragan Kostic, 1,680,000
7. Raul Mestre, 3,525,000
8. Jose Miguel Esteban, 665,000
9. Tomeu Gomilla, 6,275,000

Play set to recommence soon. — RD

4.40pm: Cruel for De Meulder, out in 10th (€50,000)
Matthias de Meulder is out, rivered by Tomeu Gomila. The man from Spain had open-raised to 85,000 and Dragan Kostic called from the button before Team PokerStars Pro De Meulder shoved for 505,000. It was folded back to Gomila, who then re-shoved for, well, lots of millions. Kostic wisely got out of the way

De Meulder: A♦10♣
Gomila: K♥7♥

De Meulder, who got lucky yesterday to send Andre Akkari packing, just got the same treatment himself. The flop was 4♠2♣6♣ and the turn was also harmless, coming 2♦. But the river was a sledgehammer K♠.

With that, De Meulder departed in tenth place for €50,000. We’re now down to nine, who will all sit on the feature table. We play on until we lose one more and our final table for tomorrow is set. — SY


Matthias de Meulder

4.32pm: Czuczor elbowed out in 11th (€36,000)
Marton Czuczor has been the next to go. Details to come. — RD

4.28pm: Baltazar cooler knocks out Martinez in 12th (€36,000)
Isabel Baltazar opened the pot from the cut-off with a single black and green 100,000 chip (they’ve just been introduced). Saar Wilf called in the button but Massimilano Martinez – a solitary figure in the blinds after the elimination of Marcos Fernandez – moved all-in for 1,300,000. Baltazar wasted little time in moving in over the top to isolate the action. Wilf wilted.

Baltazar: Q♣Q♠
Martinez: J♦J♥

The Q♦9♣7♣K♣2♣ board was destructive for Martinez. Baltazar moves up to 3,000,000. — RD

4.25pm: Fernandez bites the dust, out in 13th
Man down! There was a raise, a call from the button and from the small blind before Marcos Fernandez decided to make a stand for his last 260,000. All three others called. They all checked the Q♦A♠4♦ flop, but on the 3♣ turn Saar Wilf led out from the small blind, forcing the other two callers out. Showdown:

Wilf: A♦7♦
Fernandez: 7♠6♠

The river was J♥ and that was the last card Fernandez will see at EPT Barcelona. He leaves in 13th place for €29,000. — SY

4.15pm: Level 26 begins
We have 13 players left and Tomeu Gomilla leads the field from underneath the bright lights of the TV table. He has Team PoekrStars Pros Eugene Katchalov and Matthias de Meulder at his table. — RD

ept barcelona_day 4_christophe de meulder.jpg

Christophe de Meulder is railing his brother

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Barcelona: Stephen Bartley, Rick Dacey and Simon Young. Photos by Neil Stoddart.


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