EPT Barcelona: Level 16 updates

September 07, 2009

EPTLive updates from day 3, level 16 of EPT Barcelona brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Rick Dacey, Marc Convey and Howard Swains.

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Blinds: 2,500-5,000 (500 ante)

3.14pm: RULING!
There’s been some dramatic scenes here at the EPT Barcelona between Roland de Wolfe and Tobias Reinkemeier. The board read 4♥ 9♥ 7♣ 10♣ A♥ when De Wolfe fired one last bet into the 150,000 pot. Reinkemeier made the call and De Wolfe flashed a K♣ before throwing his hand into the muck. Reinkemeier then showed Q♣ 6♣, the losing hand, but, crucially, the only active hand left in the pot.

De Wolfe appealed, claiming that his king-high should stand as the German player had seen it. The tournament director Thomas Kremser was called over and had to break the tough news to De Wolfe that as he had not shown both cards before his hand was mucked that Reinkemeier had to be awarded the pot. –RD

3.03pm: Cimpan appears on the radar
Cornel Cimpan was chatting to a member of the American media. “No one at home knows anything,” he said, regarding his unreported progression through this tournament. “They’re all watching the top players.” That may be true but the top players would be wise to watch Cimpan, especially since he’s now passed 500,000. – HS


Cornel Cimpan

2.58pm: They are the champions
There are still five former EPT champions remaining in the event: Roland de Wolfe, Mike McDonald, Jan Boubli, Jens Kyllonen and Bertrand Grospellier.

2.56pm: Vaserfirer and Muñoz head to head
Oleksandr Vaserfirer and Simon Muñoz saw a flop 7♠9♥10♠ after some pre-flop action. Both checked for a J♦ on the turn. Muñoz made it 20,000 from the big blind, called by Vaserfirer. With a K♦ on the river Muñoz checked before 1704 bet 77,000. Thinking… thinking. Muñoz folded, down to 210,000. Vaserfirer up to 255,000. — SB

2.55pm: Finale for Cianfanelli
Umberto Cianfanelli has been eliminated by Carter Phillips. It all went in pre flop with the former holding pocket sevens to Phillip’s ace-king. An ace on the flop sealed the deal sending Cianfanelli back to Italy and Phillips on to 570,000. –MC

2.48pm: Image or for real?
Jens Kyllonen was put to a tough decision when Michael Greco, who has been playing tight all tournament, moved all-in from the big blind for 140,000 after the Finn had 3-bet 31,000 from the button. Early position raiser James Collopy passed and Kyllonen made the fold as well. Was it a genuine hand from Greco or was he just playing on his image? Enquiring minds want to know. –RD


2.40pm: Lapossie, Rahman, McDonald, Player 14/08
There’s an almighty storm brewing on table 14 where Matt Lapossie began. He was shortly joined in the empty seat to his left by Samer Rahman (as described below) and then, after the departure of Nestor Camacho, Mike “Timex” McDonald has joined the party.

The three of them are in a line and there will be action. On a recent hand, Rahman raised from two off the button, making it 16,000 and McDonald re-raised to 42,500. But then there came an imposter. Player 14/08, on the button, tanked and tanked for a long time, long enough for us to identify him as Mohamed Naddaf. And then he called.

“This looks suspicious,” whispered us expert poker analysts on the rail, but we know absolutely zero about how to play this game so I’d take that with a pinch of salt. Anyhow, Rahman folded and the flop came 7♣3♠5♣, which McDonald checked. Naddaf moved all in for his last 120,000 and McDonald folded.

Make of that what you will, but Naddaf proved he was more than just a number and that there may be at least four now at that particular party. – HS

2.37pm: Dren drained
Julien Nuijten has eliminated Dren Ukella. All the chips went in on a ten high flop containing two hearts. Ukella held eight-ten to Nuijten’s A♥9♥. The third heart duly came to complete the flush and send the German to the rail. –MC

2.30pm: Boeken busted
Team PokerStars Pro Noah Boeken could hold on no more. After doubling up twice he moved in with king-queen only to run into Adam Markovits with ace-jack. An ace hit the flop and Boeken was done. Out in 58th place. — SB


Noah Boeken, foreground, at the centre of the media circus

2.27pm: Simmering Cimpan turning up the heat
LAPC winner Cornel Andrew Cimpan is cranking up the pressure. Cimpan raised to 13k pre-flop from middle position and was swiftly re-raised by Umberto Cianfanelli who made it 43,000. Marc Goodwin (still tucked into his book) passed in the small blind and Carter Phillips had to think long and hard before mucking. Cimpan wasted no time in moving all-in over the top eventually forcing the Italian to pass. Cimpan showed a solitary 7♣ as he scooped the 97,000 pot. Cianfanelli is down to 120,000 while the American is up to 350,000. –RD

2.25pm: Courage under Vaserfirer
Oleksandr Vaserfirer managed to hold on with pocket eights from two bullets from Diego Arias Rodriguez on a Q♣ 6♥ Q♦ 10♠ 3♠ board. Vaserfirer’s pocket pairs beating Rodriguez’s unsuited AJ. –RD

2.23pm: Shock news: ElkY wins a race
ElkY raised from under-the-gun only to face an all in push from Carlos Lopez in the big blind. ElkY got a count (79,000) and made a reluctant looking call with 4♥4♦. He was in a race as Lopez opened A♦10♦ and the board came 5♠Q♠J♣4♠A♣. It was a good job ElkY made a set on the turn as an ace fell on the river. He’s now up to 790,000. –MC

2.20pm: Chip leader!
The video blog team caught up this morning with our chip leader Matt Lapossie. It looks like this:

Watch EPT Barcelona S6: Matt Lapossie on PokerStars.tv

2.15pm: Chips!
There’s a new, full, official chip count just been published on the chip count page. Remember:


2.10pm: The Samer again
Samer Rahman is a fascinating player to watch but what must be an absolute nightmare to play against. The Swedish high-stakes regular has now been moved to the immediate left of the million-chip stack of Matt Lapossie, but even the dominant chip leader would be right to be wary. Three hands played out like this:

First up, Rahman was in the big blind and it was folded to Lapossie in the small. He made it up, Rahman checked and they saw a flop of A♦8♥6♣. Lapossie checked, Rahman bet and Lapossie gave it up.


Samer Rahman

Secondly, Rahman was in the small blind and it was folded to him. He made it up and Nestor Camacho raised from the big blind to 14,000. Rahman re-raised to 45,000 and Camacho called. The flop came 2♥J♥7♠ and Rahman led out for 60,000, which took it down.

Next up, Rahman was on the button. Miikka Anttonen has the temerity to raise in this spot, making it 16,500. Rahman called. The flop came 7♠8♠3♦ and Anttonen bet 25,000. Rahman asked for a count, was told that Anttonen had 90,000 behind. He raised to 55,000, an almost min-raise. Still, it was good and Rahman took his third in a row. – HS

2.05pm: Bye bye Boeken?
Things just got ugly for Noah Boeken. The Team PokerStars Pro raised all-in behind a Jorn Walthaus pre-flop bet with ace-king. Walthaus had ace-queen and got another queen on the flop. It nearly sent Boeken packing right there and then. But the 9,000 he had left is now closer to 25,000 after he shoved it in with 10♣9♦. Jens Kyllonen called with A♣2♥. The board ran well for Boeken: 8♠6♥J♦K♣Q♣. Some words of encouragement from Thierry van den Berg and Boeken continues. — SB

2.01pm: The life of Malte Strothmann
Four times now! But I will get one. In the next… five years, I will make a final table!”

1.57pm: Patrick Bueno fills the house
Patrick Bueno has doubled through Albert van Zandwijk showing pocket fives for a full house. Van Zandwijk is down to 90,000 and Bueno is upwards of 300,000. –RD

1.46pm: Break-ing news
We’re well into the break but one table was in the tank on their last hand – mainly because Samer Rahman was involved who currently holding the record for having the most clocks called on him. An early position 11,000 raise from the aggressive Swede was 3-bet to 32,000 by muscleman Ernesto Camacho before Daniel Smyth squeezed all-in with pocket queens. Rahman dwelled and stalled before being timed out and Ernesto made the call showing pocket fives. A painful 5♣5♥ on the flop sent Irishman Smyth to the rail looking more than a little shell shocked. –RD

1.40pm: Guess what. There’s another level
And after level 15, convention dictates that we call this one level 16.







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