EPT Barcelona: Day 2 level 14 updates

September 06, 2009

EPTLive updates from day 2, level 14 of EPT Barcelona brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Rick Dacey, Marc Convey and Howard Swains.

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Blinds: 1,500-3,000 (300 ante)

8.00pm: Hought-done
Several times he’s come close to cashing in an EPT and once again Laurence Houghton is just shy of the required mark. He opened with a raise before Tobias Reinkemeier three-bet. Houghton responded with a four-bet shove and was insta-called by the German with K♠K♥. Houghton was up and out of his chair expecting the worst as he could only muster A♠J♦. The worst was confirmed on the 3♦7♣8♠10♠8♦ board. Mr Houghton will have to keep living off his substantial online winnings for a little bit longer. –MC

7.42pm: Goodwin going for gold
Marc Goodwin has been pushing steadily upwards and was on 430,000 when when spotted him getting involved in this hand with Carlos Lopez. The Spaniard raised to 8,000 from middle position and was called by Goodwin in the big blind. Goodwin check-called 11,000 on a J♦ 7♦ 9♦ flop and both players checked the 8♣ turn. A blank on the river (4♣ if you must know) gave Goodwin cause to fire out 3 yellow 5k chips and Lopez quickly called the 15,000 bet. Goodwin showed 8♦ 7♣ for two pair and a flopped gutshot straight flush draw. Lopez mucked his hand and is down to 110,000. Goodwin is moving on up with some 465,000.

At the same table a couple of hands earlier Lars Bonding doubled through Alain Roy with Aces to Nines on a 7-high flop. Bonding is up to 170,000 and Roy is in trouble on 45,000.–RD


7.35pm: Unstoppable ElkY
Ville Haavisto has become the latest to suffer at the hands of Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier. The Team PokerStars Pro raised from the button — this tends to happen a lot — and Haavisto decided to shove for about 85,000 from the big blind. ElkY insta-called and showed A♠K♠ and was better than Haavisto’s A♣9♣. There were no miracles on the board and Haavisto departs as ElkY stacks up 350,000 or so. -HS


ElkY in more fallow days

7.35pm: Nguyen some, lose some
Francesco Nguyen’s eventful ride at EPT Barcelona has come to an end. His “aggressivo” and somewhat unpredictable style has meant he’s been yo-yo-ing up and down the leaderboard this past couple of days. He only had 30,000 when he moved all in from the cut-off and was called by Morten Klein on the button with A♥Q♠. Nguyen tabled J♥8♣ and the board came Q♥5♥2♥J♣K♥ to bust him. –MC

7.25pm: 375,000 pot!
EPT Copenhagen winner Jens Kyllonen has just won a HUGE pot, probably the largest of the tournament so far. Kyllonen managed to get his entire 182,800 stack into the middle pre-flop with K♥ K♦ against PokerStars passport winner Jim Kilarjian’s pocket Jacks. Kyllonen buried the hand when he hit a set then filled up just to put the hand beyond doubt. Kyllonen, who won $1.1m at the Scandinavian Open, is now driving a 375,000 stack and has the form to push him deep into the money. Jim Kilarjian is down to 65,000. –RD

7.16pm: Out of context quote of the level
“Believe me, I have a black heart.”

7.15pm: When you’re hot…
David Robinson has been on a hot streak in the past hour or so. After flopping a set against an over-pair and a flush draw, which then became quads on the turn (taking him from about 120,000 to 330,000), he just hit runner-runner against Roman Kadziela to chop a pot of about 300,000. The two of them were heads up on a flop of Q♣7♣Q♥ and all the chips went in. Robinson had Q♦10♠ and Kadziela had A♥Q♠, meaning the Polish player was looking exceptionally good for a double up of his 150,000. But the turn was 8♥ and the river the 8♣. That split it, much to Kadziela’s silent despair, as a calm look to the heavens confirmed. — HS

7.00pm: Schaefer shifting out
Brandon Schaefer’s “miserable day” has come to a halt with his elimination. The misery will probably continue for a while but he said “I feel relieved to be out.” A tough day where he’s been forced by situations to fold and fold and fold. He got the last of his chips in with queen-jack and was looked up by a player with ace-five that held up.–MC

6.45pm: Another level
We’re taking it to another level man. There are 93 players remaining.



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