EPT Barcelona: Day 2 level 13 updates

September 06, 2009

EPTLive updates from day 2, level 13 of EPT Barcelona brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Rick Dacey, Marc Convey and Howard Swains.

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Blinds: 1,200-2,400 (200 ante)

6.43pm: Reasons not to slowplay
Simon Munoz raised from early position with 9♣ 10♣ and was flatted by a pair of Kings in the big blind. Munoz bet his top pair on the 9♠ 4♦ 5♣ flop and was check-raised all-in. Munoz called to find out that he’d sprung a trap and duly turned a 9♥. The absence of a King on the river gave the Spaniard a 150,000 pot pushing him up to 315,000. Not a shabby spin up from the 86k he started the day with. –RD

6.40pm: Queens all round
An early position raise by Roland de Wolfe was met by a three-bet from Team PokerStars Pro Netherlands player Thierry Van Den Berg in the small blind. The call came before a 8♣4♥5♠ flop came and Van Den Berg led out for 35,000. de Wolfe started the speech play and then raised all in, which was enough to cover his foe. The talking between the two continued before the Dutchman let the hand go. de Wolfe did the honorable thing and revealed Q♣Q♦, the same hand Van Den Berg claimed to have. de Wolfe has 270,000 after and Van Den Berg 115,000.–MC

6.30pm: Woodward gets away lightly
As the clock ticked down into the break, Matt Woodward and Toni Ojala were still deeply involved in a pot. The flop was 7♦7♥8♣ and Woodward bet 10,100. Ojala min-raised and Woodward called. The turn was a perilous 8♠ and both slowed down. Check, check – the same pattern repeated on the river of Q♠. Woodward showed 10♦9♣ for the missed straight draw; Ojala showed K♠K♥, which was good.

6.28pm: A pitiful lament
“I used to have 25 of these,” said Julien Nuijten, wielding a yellow chip, worth 5,000. “Now I have one.”
A similar story of poverty for Brandon Schaefer, who has about 35,000 total. Boo.

6.20pm: A mess of chips and ElkY flying
There’s a flop of 5♠8♠J♣ on the board after some modest pre-flop action. Diogo Borges had bet 22,600 but ElkY Grospellier had fired back by raising another 40,000 on top. Borges was thinking about it as a large crowd formed around the table.


Borges eventually moved all-in in that brilliant way where you simple shove your chips in with both hands. It makes a good mess. ElkY snap called showing pocket eights, clear of Borges’ aces. The turn 3♣ and river Q♣ sent Borges out and ElkY up to 308,000. – SB

6.17pm: Castelluccio squeezes one out
Sergio Castelluccio ran up a big stack half way through day 1b and hasn’t looked back and it’s no surprise why. He’s playing hands with strength when he needs to and getting out the way when not. Nesto Camacho (who is now on 290,000) limped and picked up calls from Constantin Cirstea and Marc Etienne Mclaughlin. Castelluccio pumped the 2,400 limp up to 12,600 and squeezed everyone out. The Italian showed 10♠ 10♥ and nailed a resistance free 13,600 pot. –RD

6.10pm: Veldhuis has his wings clipped
Lex Veldhuis isn’t immortal after all. He’s just doubled up Joram Voelklein in a classic kings against aces all in pre-flop affair. Veldhuis had the kings, Voelklein had the aces and they were even playing for Carlos Lopez’s pre-flop open (he soon got out the way when it got feisty). Veldhuis is “down” to about 300,000; Voelklein’s tournament is alive again.

6.01pm: Q. – What links these four places?
From between two players’ heads.
From behind the dealers head.
From seat one.
From a position resting on the table.
Answer: Places from where our friends in the Italian press have taken pictures. — SB

6pm: Photo of Phillips
This is what Carter Phillips and all his chips look like. You’ll see there’s quite a lot of them — a tournament leading 600,000-odd.


Carter Phillips

5.57pm: Mclaughlin rubdowns
Marc Etienne Mclaughlin is on the corner of his table getting a long massage and is also on the receiving end of more than a few barbed comments. He’s got his chips in a few times behind and hit, such as calling a small AQ all-in with KQ – but certainly nothing outlandish (bar the 4♥ 5♥ versus pocket Jacks). There could be more fireworks between him and Consantin Cirstea – if not the whole table. –RD

5.55pm: Tangled up
Julien Nuijten and Miikka Anttonen are tangling on table 19. “I’m ahead of your entire range,” said Anttonen, looking at a board of A♣Q♦Q♠8♣7♦ and pondering a call of Nuijten’s 30,000 river bet. “Come on, throw away your hand,” said Nuijten. “I’m not going to call. It’s raise or fold,” said the Finn. “I have a very under-represented hand here.” Then came the contradiction: “I should probably raise,” said Anttonen. “But I’m just going to call.” Nuijten knew that was bad news: “I’m guessing you’ve got a better kicker then,” he said as he tabled A♠9♠. “Yes,” said Anttonen and showed A♦K♦. Nuijten has a little more than 100,000 left in his stack and Anttonen is getting up to about 60,000. – HS

5.50pm: Onwards and upwards for Asa Smith
Britsh pro Asa Smith is moving his stack in the right direction getting involved in a lot of small pots. Winning some, losing others, Smith started the day with 158,000 but is now up to some 240,000. Smith has been skirmishing with Julien Nuijten and generally been coming out with the better of it – but the bitter taste of folding seems to gee Nuijten up who invariably wins his chips back off another player the very next hand. Some interesting dynamics are building between the two players. –RD

5.45pm: Bye bye BB
Bernard Boutboul is not a happy bunny about being eliminated and I can understand why. There a raise from Marc Etienne Mclaughlin before he three bet shoved with ace-queen. Mclaughlin called with king-queen and spiked a king to end it for the Frenchman. A banged fist on the table later takes us a little nearer to the money. –MC

5.35pm: Big balls
Michael Greco is down but not yet out after losing out in a big hand against Francesco Nguyen. Nguyen had moved in with ace-jack for close to 30,000. Greco called with pocket tens and found the board to be brutal. A-2-A-6-7. Nguyen signalled to his friends his delight, making hand gestures, like he was holding two big bowling balls. Greco down to 30,000. — SB

5.30pm: Out!
Martin Wendt and William Reynolds are out, both removed just before the end of the last level.

5.15pm: Also chasing
Also still in with a shout here are the following. It’s a pictorial guide:


Thierry van den Berg


Mike McDonald


Anton Morgenstern

5.10pm: New level
We’re racing through these levels and we’re racing through the players. At the start of this new level, 107 players remained. The biggest stack is in front of the PokerStars qualifier Carter Phillips and it’s worth about 600,000. – HS


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