EPT Barcelona: Day 2 level 12 updates

September 06, 2009

EPTLive updates from day 2, level 12 of EPT Barcelona brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Rick Dacey, Marc Convey and Howard Swains.

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Blinds: 1,000-2,000 (200 ante)

5.05pm: Cirstea tosses toy from pram
Constantin Cirstea raises on the cut-off to 6,000 and the button, Marc Etienne Mclaughlin, shoves for 28,000. Big stack Cirstea went into the tank and then called the additional 22,000 (which was well under 10% of his stack) with pocket Jacks. Mclaughlin showed 4♥ 5♥ – a valid, if not risky play – and promptly flopped a set and turned a boat. It’s always annoying to lose as a 78% favourite but most players would take losing a 56,000 pot (when you’ve got 300,000 behind) a little better than the Romanian. Up off his chair he grabbed both hole cards, waved them in the air at the rail as if they were on fire and hurled them down on the table. Tournament director Thomas Kremser had to have a quiet word but if anyone finds a cuddly toy on the tournament floor please return it to one Master Cirstea. –RD

5pm: Scratch another
Bertrand Grospellier just dispatched another player on his way to a stack currently measuring 170,000. His opponent had moved in with K♠Q♥ for his last 70,000 behind a sizable raise from ElkY who called with 9♣9♦. The board ran out 3♣J♣2♥10♣6♣. – SB

4.55pm: Ojala Woodward take that
Matthew Woodward has just seen 100,000 of his stack head left to table mate Toni Ville Ojala. He was sat in the big blind and call a raise from the Finn before they got it all in on the 2♣8♠10♥ flop. Ojala held pocket rockets to Woodward’s king-ten. The turn and ricer blanked before the extra 94,000 was taken from Woodward mountain. He still has 300,000 though so need to panic. –MC

4.45pm: New chip leader. By far
Carter Phillips has just catapulted into the chip lead and dumped the Italian Michele Limongi out of this tournament. Philips made a standard pre-flop raise and Limongi called. The flop came 10♥8♣10♣ and then it went utterly nuts. Limongi checked and Phillips bet 5,700. Limongi raised to 21,500. Phillips min-re-raised, and Limongi re-re-raised back, sliding in about 80,000. Phillips then re-re-re-raised, making it nearer to 280,000 and Limongi moved all in. Phillips insta-called — they were both playing for pretty much their entire 300,000 stacks now. Limongi showed K♥10♦ but Phillips was ahead with A♥10♣. Turn and river were blanks and the American PokerStars qualifier is our new leader with about 600,000 and change.

4.26pm: Lex flexes his muscles
Lex Veldhuis is up to 360,000 and is ruthlessly smashing chips into whoever dares enter the ring. Blonde Blue Lagoon lookalike William Reynolds dared to make an early position raise to 5k and Lex came straight over the top for most of Reynolds’ 30,000 remaining chips. Reynolds showed the Team PokerStars Pro J♦ K♣ and folded his hand looking very much like Veldhuis had just drop-kicked him in the face. I would not want to be sat with Veldhuis near me. Or in fact at my table at all. The man is a chip menace. If he was in a year book he would be filed under ‘Man most likely to final table or blow up on the bubble with K3 suited.’ –RD

4.40pm: Not the way to Nguyen
Francesco Nguyen opened the pot with a raise to 7,200 from mid-position, saw a flat call from the button before Patrick Bueno three-bet to 22,500 from the small blind. Nguyen’s answer was to four-bet to 52,500 and Bueno called. The button passed. The flop came J♣3♠5♠ and Bueno checked to face a bet of 50,000 from Nguyen that he quickly raised all-in for 11,000 more. The call should be automatic here but Nguyen hadn’t seemed to have looked at Bueno’s stack throughout the hand. The call did come before Bueno tabled J♦J♥ for top set and Nguyen showed A♥3♦ for bottom pair. The turn came 10♦ and river A♣ to double the Frenchman up to 230,000 and double down the Italian to 74,000. — MC

4.35pm: Our schedule
The rate of eliminations today is on a par with the speediest we’ve ever seen. We’re already down to about 115 players and we have a revised schedule. Today we will play either six 75-minute levels or until 72 players remain, whichever is sooner.

4.34pm: The latest from the tweet of Noak Boeken
The latest from the tweets of Noah Boeken: “Strugglin 98K”

4.30pm: Video blogging
Here we have today’s welcome from the video blog team:

Watch EPT Barcelona S6: Race For The Money on PokerStars.tv

4.20pm: Lapossie climbing
The PokerStars qualifier Matt Lapossie’s day goes from strength to strength. He started the day with more than 100,000 and now he’s up to 280,000. Pretty good. On Lapossie’s table (the last one remaining on the raised level of the casino), Surinder Sunar shipped half of his stack, eights losing to jacks. Sunar has about 30,000 left. – HS

4.10pm: McDonald makes his presence felt
There are some really sizeable stacks developing here, with the well-followed Lex Veldhuis and Mike McDonald obviously among them, but the former EPT Dortmund champion Mike McDonald now also moving ominously into gear. He is one of about five players either above or closing%2


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