EPT Barcelona: Day 2 level 11 updates

September 06, 2009

EPTLive updates from day 2, level 11 of EPT Barcelona brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Rick Dacey, Marc Convey and Howard Swains.

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Blinds: 800-1,600 (200 ante)

3.50pm: Before the break
Maria Maceiras has since doubled up to 40,000 and can now make raises pre-flop. She did so from the button before Isaia Alessio re-raised to 12,600 from the small blind. Michael Greco was in the big blind and stared for a while, pulling faces, before folding with a flourish. Maceiras did the same in the normal way. Alessio was in action again on the next hand, making it 12,200 pre-flop from the cut off. The player in seat one re-raised to 30,000. Alessio thought for a while as everyone left for the break. Alessio folded, his opponent moving up to more than 100,000. Seat one wouldn’t even call out his name as he dashed off for the break. — SB

3.33pm: Demidov’s death rattle
Ivan Demidov has fallen by the wayside. The Team PokerStars Pro squeezed an early 4,200 raise which had picked up two callers with a raise to 11,600 with A♠ K♠ in the hole. Canadian Bill Kontaratos shoved over the top all-in from the small blind with pocket tens and Demidov obliged with a call. The two were off to the races for a 150k pot but the WSOP 2008 runner up was drawing dead from the flop when the dealer spun out 10♦ 8♣ 10♣. –RD


Demidov was smashed by flopped Quads

3.30pm: Set under set
Matthew Woodward’s stack had taken a hit. He managed to flop bottom set but his neighbor had flopped middle set. All the chips went in on the turn and that was that. Woodward is still looking good on 290,000 whereas his neighbor is up to 260,000. We don’t have a name for the neighbor just yet as he quickly disappeared from his seat but we’ll find out when he’s back. –MC

3.15pm: Bluffing
Cornel Cimpan and Morten Klein just got involved, with Cimpan pulling off an outrageous bluff to take it down. Julien Nuijten ran through the action: Cimpan (“Who has been raising a lot of pots”) made it 4,000 from the button and Klein (“Who seems like a tight player”) insta-raised to 11,600 from the big blind. The flop came 9♥Q♦8♣ and Klein bet 11,600. Call. The turn came 5♣ and Klein bet 12,000. Cimpan then re-raised all in, about 70,000 more, which sent Klein deep into the tank. Eventually Klein folded and Cimpan showed 7♥3♦ for the stone cold nothing. “He folded at least ace-queen,” said Nuijten. “Aces or kings probably actually.” – HS

3.09pm: ElkY thankful for table break
Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier must be breathing a sigh of relief. His table has just broken and it wasn’t a kind seating plan. ElkY had Samer Rahman – a skilful high stakes player – directly on his left shoulder and the Swede is playing with confidence and a lot of chips, which is a dangerous combination by any reckoning. Samer nicked a 20,000 pot off the Frenchman on the last hand before the table broke so we’re hoping, for ElkY’s sake, he gets a softer spot at his next table. –RD


3.12pm: There goes the Bonavena
Salvatore Bonavena is out, seen off by Samer Rahman. Rahman showed king-eight when the Prague champ moved in with ace-seven for 11,600. An eight on the flop beat the seven on the flop. — SB

3.10pm: All fold together
Jorn Walthaus just turned his stack of 150,000 into 165,000. Then he turned it back into 160,000 when a five way pot developed. Joep Van Den Bijgaart started it all, making it 3,400 pre-flop and getting three callers. “It’s the first hand I raise all day and I get three callers,” he said, before getting a fourth caller. Everyone checked the 8♥Q♦J♥ flop for a K♥ turn which again was 5-checked. The hand that had started so boldly now finished on a whimper when Senol Karanasan bet 6,000. Fold, fold, fold, fold. — SB

3.03pm: Gorked on the river
Marc Gork raised to 4,000 from under-the-gun and only found a caller in Thierry Van Den Berg on the button before the flop came K♥3♠9♦. Gork continued his aggression with a 6,500 bet and a 11,000 bet on the Q♣with both called by the Team PokerStars Pro Netherlands player. The K♠ river saw Gork slow to a check and this prompted Van Den Berg to quickly bet 35,000. Gork tanked for five minutes to the agitation of his table mates but eventually folded.

Thierry claimed to have floated on the flop before making his hand on the turn. Jonathan Aguiar and Roland de Wolfe seemed to take his words with a “pinch of salt” though! Anyhow he’s up to 108,000 with Gork down a bit to 158,000. –MC

3pm: Counts
It’s getting frantic here now and all hands are on deck to update both this page and the chip count page. Nip over there for a look whenever you want:


2.55pm: Veldhuis aggression
Lex Veldhuis and Lars Bonding just got involved in an ugly looking pot — at least for Bonding, who was forced to fold on the end after a typical aggressive shove from Veldhuis. On the button, Bonding raised Veldhuis’s big blind, and called a re-raise. The flop was 3♥K♣8♥ and that was worth 14,500 from each of them. The 9♠ on the turn was checked, and then Veldhuis also checked the 2♦ river. Bonding bet 18,000 and that’s when Veldhuis moved all in, for 105,000 more. Bonding tanked for a good five minutes before folding. – HS

2.50pm: Big stack brewing
Young German Anton Morgenstein has accumulated a 215,000 stack. He’s just taken down another pot, this one for 21,000, showing down Q♠ 10♠ on a K♥ 10♣ A♣ 2♥ 7♥ board. His opponent couldn’t pull the trigger on the river after missing his J♣ 8♣ flush draw. –RD

2.35pm: Roy and Lars Bonding
Lars Bonding moved all-in after some raises pre-flop. Only Alain Roy was left to call. He was chewing on a toothpick and getting a massage and in the tank for several minutes, but he declined. Roy down to 125,000, Bonding up to 125,000.

2.30pm: Former footballer sent off
Tony Cascarino is out. Little detail on the hand unfortunately but he made a hopeless sound. The man Rigu is also out, fours against nines, taking his Patrick Star with him. So long Patrick.

2.25pm: Black Mamba mamboed
Sandra Naujoks’s tournament is on the brink. She called an all-in with ace-king but it was thumped by a pair of jacks, leaving the EPT Dortmund champion with less than 3,000. A double up followed, jack-two beating Ivan Demidov’s four-five. The fight back starts here, Naujoks up to 11,000.

2.18pm: Ding-Ding! Seconds out…
The players have wound their way back to their tables for another hour of brutal outdraws, victorious value bets and, for some, a lot of irritating folding of 9♠ 3♦ and J♠ 2♥. Battle has recommenced. –RD



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