EPT Barcelona: Day 1b level 9 updates

September 05, 2009

EPTLive updates from day 1b, level 9 of EPT Barcelona brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Rick Dacey, Marc Convey and Howard Swains.

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Blinds: 500-1000 (100 ante)

11.45pm: It’s over. It’s all over. For now.
That’s your lot. Play ends on day 1b with a close call for the chip lead. Matt Woodward bags up 190,900 closely followed by Ciprian Hrisca on 187,000. That makes last night’s leader Diego Arias the overall chip leader on 193,000. The full report will follow shortly and you can check out the chip counts in the usual place.

11.30pm: Broken Finn
The Finns, great player as they are, generally don’t fair that well in EPTs. Juha Lauttamos is one of the more successful players with a final table appearance to his name. It won’t be final number two though for him. He got the last of chips with A♣J♦ but was looked up by Patrick Bruel with A♦K♥. The board ran blank and Lauttamos falls at the death.

11.15pm: Pastor pasted
Juan Manuel Pastor won’t be winning on home turf. His A-8 was no good against K-J when a a jack flopped. Adios.

11.10pm: Woodward on a tear
Matt Woodward is up to close to 200,000 here tonight, which could put him at the very top of the tree. Chips are being counted out there right now, and if anyone’s got more than the Grand Final runner up, they’re going to need a big bag.

11.00pm: Double Dutch for Thorson
We’ve seen many PokerStars Team Pros clashing today and the latest clash has seen William Thorson eliminated. Lex Veldhuis opened to 2,800 from the button before Thorson three-bet shoved from the small blind for 17,000 with ace-deuce. Veldhuis called with ace-jack and it held up to eliminate his team mate.

10.50pm: Last level
This, of course, is the final level of the day and it’s going to be frantic. The small army of Bagpuss mice we have employed this week are updating the chip count page as quickly as their tiny feet will allow. Show them your appreciation for their industry with a click through to their special page.


10.41pm: Nguyen has a big stack (no, not that one)
It’s that part of the day where we suddenly start noticing players coming through with big stacks who have been off our radar. One such player is Francesco Nguyen (who jokingly claimed to be Scotty’s brother). The Italian has built up a heaving 110,000 stack and is continuing on the offensive. We last saw him check raising the turn and then showing the stone cold nuts with a 6-card Queen-high straight.


PokerStars Team Pros Lex Veldhuis & William Thorson


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