EPT Barcelona: Day 1b level 8 updates

September 05, 2009

EPTLive updates from day 1b, level 8 of EPT Barcelona brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Rick Dacey, Marc Convey and Howard Swains.

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Blinds: 400-800 (75 ante)

10.38pm: Knighted, then beheaded by the queens
Dario Minieri’s roller-coaster day has come to an end in a bad way. Pocket queens treated him very well at first as he eliminated fellow Team Pro Ruben Visser. He then lost a pot before the pocket queens of an opponent busted him.

Minieri raised to 2,100 from under-the-gun and then called a three-bet from the next seat which was to the value of 8,200. The flop came 8♦2♠2♣ and Minieri checked-raised a 18,500 bet all in for 32,000. The call came quickly from his opponent who we already know held pocket queens. The diminutive Italian’s 8♠9♠ was behind and stayed that way to the river.

10.30pm: Gerrits gets a leg up while Blanco bounces
Dutchman Martijn Gerrits was given a gift by Alvaro Blanco. Gerrits made a small raise from early position with Kings to 2,000 and Blanco 3-bet to 5,600 with A♣ Q♠ and Gerrits – who Blanco must have missed was heavy breathing like a race horse – instantly shipped all-in for a total of 16,500. Blanco groaned. Counted his chips out and eventually made the call leaving himself with just 6,000. The Kings held and Gerrits is back to a workable 35,000. And Blanco? Well he shoved the very next hand with A♦ 10♦ and was called by a dominating A♣ K♥ and A♠ Q♣ but a ten on the flop more than tripled the short stack back to life. Blanco has 20,000.

10.20pm: Dario downed
We’ve seen this before, unfortunately, but Dario Minieri’s irresistible force has just been, well, resisted. He had an off-suit 7-5 against an A-5; then he had 9-8 against queens. Shortly before that he had 50,000 in chips. Now he’s got a night in Barcelona.

10.15pm: Value bet on the river, man
The river was already out giving us a A♠10♣A♣Q♥[4♥ board and I witnessed Laurence Houghton making a 8,600 bet from the high-jack position. He was heads-up with an opponent in the next seat who made the call but mucked upon seeing Houghton’s A♣K♦. Houghton on 42,500 after the hand.

10.05pm: Kang prang
Benjamin Kang is the latest big name casualty here in Barcelona. The Team PokerStars Pro open shoved with A♦ J♠ for just less than 13,000 and was called by Raphael Wurm with Q♥ Q♦. The board blanked out for the German and Wurm raked in a stack-building 28,000 pot. On the upside Kang was knocked out with plenty of time to hit Barcelona on a Saturday night – we love a silver lining.

10.02pm: A sad tale of two Peters
Within a matter of seconds, two Peters (well, one Peter and one Pieter) arrived in the media room, both running fingers across their throats and both telling stories of pocket tens. The Peter was Mr Eastgate, World Champion, whose elimination is described below. The Pieter was Mr De Korver, EPT Grand Final champion, who ran his pocket tens into kings. That was actually a three-way pot for his last 14,000, but one other player open folded pocket tens, meaning De Korver was drawing mighty thin. The miracle straight or flush never came and there’s an awful lot of poker talent now talking to interviewers in the press room at the moment.

9.55pm: Heading east out of the tournament gate
WSOP main event champion Peter Eastgate in no more for EPT Barcelona. He came back from break with a 20,000 stack and duly lost half of that. Daniel Negreanu had risen before he moved in for around 20,000. Another player then moved in for his last 10,000. Negreanu moved out of the way before Eastgate saw his 8♠8♦ was in bad shape against his opponent’s A♦A♠. Neither player improved on the board and Eastgate was in even more dire straights.

Moments later he moved the last of his chips in with queen-jack but ran in to pockets tens of Patrick Bueno that held up.

9.48pm: No grinding for this sibling
Robert Mizrachi is the proud owner of a 120,000 stack. In a three-way all in confrontation that involved Julian Thew, Mizrachi came out the best. Mizrachi had flopped a set to Thew’s pocket aces and the third player’s flush draw. His set improved to quads on the river. Thew still has a healthy 70,000 but the other player was eliminated.

9.40pm: Final stretch
Everyone is now well nourished after the conclusion of the two-stage dinner break. William Thorson returned to discover that his table has been broken, and he’s now one of a devastatingly difficult line-up of Daniel Negreanu, Lex Veldhuis and Peter Eastgate. Eastgate is a short stack, but Veldhuis has been more than 100,000 since about 25 seconds after the start of play, and Negreanu is also now resurgent, up past 60,000 for the first time. That one’s going to be good.



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