EPT Barcelona: day 1b level 2 update

September 05, 2009

EPTLive updates from day 1b, level 2 of EPT Barcelona brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Rick Dacey.

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2.48pm: Purple patches and purple shirts
It’s the end of level 2 and the break is upon us and already some players are gearing up and hoovering chips. Swedish cash game player Samer Rahman is up to around 45,000 after playing a lot of pots in position against Team PokerStars Pro Sandra Naujoks (who is sat on around 30k herself).
British grinder Surinder Sunar has made no real progress but is without doubt streets ahead in the ‘Most Purple Shirt’ competition. It’s style, Jim, just not as we know it.

2.35pm: Calling for information
Daniel Negreanu limped from early position and brought along the player in the cut-off before Lex Veldhuis checked his option from the big blind. Negreanu bet 500 on the K♣Q♠Q♥ flop and only Veldhuis called before they both checked through the 7♣ turn. The river 8♣ saw Veldhuis lead for 1,050 and after a conversation between the two Negreanu decided to call for information. He was shown K♥J♥ which was good for pot.

2.17pm: Miami John lost at sea
‘Miami’ John Cernuto is obviously on the wrong coast. The three time WSOP bracelt winner is down to 16,000 and is looking distinctly unimpressed with his predicament.

2.07pm: Russian Steel
Mikhail Tulchinskiy showed at last season’s EPT Grand Final that’s he’s no push over by finishing 3rd and Jani Sointula just found that out to the detriment of his stack. A five-way limped pot brought a Q♥K♦2♠ flop before Sointula led for 500. Tulchinky called from the button as did the small blind so the turn came 4♥. Sointila led for 1,850 this time and only Tulchinky called to the K♠ river. It was at this point that Sointula gave up and checked along with his Russian opponent before showing A♦5♦. Tulchinkiy opened K♥J♣ to take the pot and put his stack up to 32,000. Sointula meanwhile is down to 17,000.

1.52pm: Kings caught in raising war
Well, it had to happen some time; Kings versus Aces with Danish player Uffe Holm scoring big with the bullets. The usual pantomime took place with Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso having a cameo. Rousso limped for 150 with Jacks (or so she said) and was raised by Holm to 600. The hapless soul with Kings made it 1,775 which Rousso called before Holm pumped it back up 4,300. The Kings made it 7,785 – giving Rousso a very easy exit strategy – and Holm dwelled up before announcing all-in and was insta-called by Kings. The board blanked out – although Q♠ on the river gave Holm a paint scare. The Dane is sitting on upwards of 60,000.



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