EPT Barcelona: day 1a level 9 update

September 04, 2009

EPTLive updates from day 1a, level 1 of EPT Barcelona brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Rick Dacey.

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11.40pm: Day done
Day 1a has drawn to its conclusion. From the original 207 starters, 117 remain, with Diego Rodriguez, Carlos Lopez and Franz Friedrich the probable chip leaders. A full wrap is on its way imminently — watch this space — and full chip counts will miraculously appear overnight.

Our approximate selected counts are, as ever, on the chip counts page.


Meanwhile, remember how Team PokerStars Pro ElkY bagged a Guinness World Record in Monte Carlo? Last night at the welcome party he was presented with his official certificate. You can watch the fun right here…

Watch EPT BARCELONA S6: ElkY’s world record on PokerStars.tv

11.15pm: Fallers
Sebastian Ruthenberg and Marcin Horecki fell late on tonight. Julien Nuijten also lost a huge pot to Mark Goodwin to put the Dutchman down to about 40,000 and Goodwin up to 90,000 in a hand that will give Nuijten cold sweats overnight.


Marcin Horecki before his elimination

11.08pm: Goodwin floors bully Nuijten with a 2 outer
In one of the last hands of the day Marc Goodwin and Julien Nuijten clashed in a monster 90,000 pot. Nuijten has been swinging his big stack around like a school bully with a heavy sports bag and Goodwin had obviously decided it was time to make a stand. Nuijten had raised pre-flop and Goodwin had called with pocket fives. Goodwin check-called 10,000 of his 40,000 stack on a K♠ 3♦ K♥ board with his pocket pair in a way ahead/way behind situation with the young Dutchman. As it turns out he was way behind as Nuijent actually had it this time and moved all-in on the 5♦ turn with his pocket rockets. Goodwin, who has had his nose in a book for most of the day, insta-called to show he caught a monster 2-outer putting himself in a great position going into day 2.

11.00pm: Greco moving up town
Michael Greco raised to 3,500 from early position before facing a three-bet from Joe Cado to the value of 11,500. His response was to ship it all in for 37,275. Cado openly talked about all the combinations of ace-king Greco could have and made the call with J♦J♥. No ace-king for Greco though as he tabled Q♥Q♦ before the board ran 9♠A♥7♥5♠4♣. Greco doubled to nearly 77,000 whereas Cada is crippled on 1,825.

10.45pm: Doubling up, putting books down
Two ongoing EPT sagas took another twist in the last half an hour. Johnny Lodden has doubled back up to 22,000 by getting it all-in with Jacks. The Danish Team PokerStars Pro has been swinging from fumes to big stack and back all day. How will he finsih the day? Well, there’s not much longer for him to spin.
Marc Goodwin’s page turning has slowed down as his chip accumulation has increased. He’s only managed to reach page 129 but is up to 50,000. ‘As the blinds get higher, I read less. That’s my rule,’ he says flashing a decidedly non-premium hand in our direction.



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