EPT Barcelona: Day 1a level 7 updates

September 04, 2009

EPTLive updates from day 1a, level 1 of EPT Barcelona brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Rick Dacey.

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9.20pm: Deeb 1 – Teltscher 0
We’ve been keeping an eye on table 24 which had a lovely Freddy Deeb/Mark Teltscher draw. It was only a matter of time before they got involved in a chunky pot and it was, somewhat unsurprisngly, after Teltscher had open raised from the cut-off. The Brit made it 1,600 to go and Deeb flat called on the button. Both players had close to 70,000 at the start of the hand for over 100 big blinds apiece. Teltscher bet 3,000 into the 8♣ Q♣ Q♥ flop, 7,000 on the 5♦ turn and 15,000 on the K♦ river. Deeb called down each street showing Q♦ 10♥ and a groaning Teltscher showed K♣ 6♥ for a rivered two pair. PokerStars player Deeb raked in a heaving 54,550 pot – of which he lost around 18,000 the next hand when he ran Kings into Aces…

9.10: Oh no for Arnaud
PokerStars sponsored player Arnaud Mattern has fallen. Sitting with 6,900 and facing a 2,200 raise from a player in the cut-off he moved all in from the big blind with king -queen. His opponent called with ace-king though that held up.


Arnaud Mattern in happier times…

8.28pm: 34 off-suit mystery man revealed!
So who was the player that 4-bet all-in with 34 off-suit? Dur-dur-durrrrr! We can reveal it was none other than Sander Lylloff the EPT Barcelona winner of two years ago. And seconds after finding that out the Dane called all-in for his last 7k with JT off-suit after two all-ins before him. Hoping for two Ace-Kings he wasn’t looking in good shape when AK and QQ were put on their back with around 14% chance to scoop the pot. Following on from his 34 full house Lylloff rivered another full house and is back up to 22,500. Ex-pro footballer Tony Cascarino, who is sat two seats to Lylloff’s left, was left rubbing his head in disbelief.

8.15pm: No back-to-back for Schaap
EPT Kyiv 6th place finisher Adrian Schaap has been eliminated. There was a raise and a re-raise in front of him before he moved all in for his last 11,500. The original raiser folded but the other player called with pocket queens. Schaap’s A♦J♣ was in need of help but it didn’t come on the 3♠3♣5♥4♦10♠ board.

8pm: 4-bet all-in with… 34 off-suit
Running low on details, we admit, but still thought we had to share this with you. We’ve just heard that someone on Tony Cascarino’s table 4-bet all-in with 34 off-suit, was called by AQ and duly flopped a full house. Must be nice.

Goodwin page count: pg114 of The Man Behind the Shades. Goodwin told us he’s only still the tournament because he managed to get a three barrel bluff through that had him all-in on the river with 9-high. The other player obviously thought that there was no way he’d he’d tear himself away from his book without a genuine grade A board shredding monster.

7.55pm: Thater plays it cute with aces
Katja Thater called a pre-flop raise on the button and saw a flop against a solitary opponent: 4♥7♣2♥. She then moved all in for 12,500 more than her adversary’s 5,000 lead out, and he called. Thater had slow-played A♣A♦ and she was up against a flush draw (Q♥J♥) that missed. Thater now has north of 35,000.


Katja Thater

7.45: Another man down
There is just an empty space where Team PokerStars Pro Italy member Luca Pagano sat. My investigative journalism hat went on to find out what happened. It didn’t take long to find the facts out as my first lead (Claudio Rinaldi) was the man responsible. It was a standard hold’em cooler hand with Pagano on the wrong end. The Italian raised with king-jack and was called by Rinaldi with pocket sevens. The flop contained two jacks and seven and the rest is history. The Swiss star is in 70,000 now.


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