EPT Barcelona: Day 2 level 10 updates

September 06, 2009

EPTLive updates from day 2, level 10 of EPT Barcelona brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Rick Dacey, Marc Convey and Howard Swains.

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Blinds: 600-1200 (100 ante)

2.05pm: Level 10 round up
The players have gone to break and here’s a few snippets for you. Marc Goodwin has close to doubled up knocking out Slim Jomni. The Frenchman had raised from early position with AK to some 3k and Goodwin raised to 9,000 with pocket Queens. Or rather he meant to raise to 9,000 but given some chip confusion made it 14,000 to go. It’s the first hand he’s played in an hour and received an insta-shove for his troubles for some 70,000. Goodwin made the call, turned Quads, raked his chips in and went back to Stu Ungar book The Man Behind the Shades (for those following the thrilling Goodwin-Book-Drama he’s on page 133). Goodwin is on 165,000.

Lex Velhuis has taken a couple of hits and is down to 122,000 losing one hefty chunk of chips to his neighbour Yohann Yoci Azoulay who showed down a flopped set of fives.

2.03pm: Double Demidov
I caught up with the action on the turn where the board was showing A♣10♦Q♦5♥. Team PokerStars Pro Ivan Demidov checked to Eletterios Simeonidis who bet 18,500 leaving himself with 27,500 behind. Demidov then moved all in for 28,000 and then you would expect a quick call but it didn’t come for at least two minutes. When it did come Demidov opened K♠J♠ for the nuts leaving Simeonidis drawing dead with A♦9♠. The river came Q♣ before Demidov raked in his 81,000 stack.

1.58pm: Former winner still on course
Jan Boubli, a winner here in Barcelona back in season two, just took a knock, calling with ace-king on a board of 10♠K♦8♠Q♣5♦ only to run into ace-jack. The Frenchman, who started with 60,200 is still heading in the right direction though, with 80,000. Elsewhere David Williams made a full house on the river to move up to 70,000, double his starting stack today.

1.52pm: Handbags at dawn
UK PokerStars player Laurence Houghton is sat on Team PokerStars Pro Lex Veldhuis’ right and the two have not become friends. In fact, far from it. A battle of words over some disputed verbal announcements will no doubt lead to a chip war. We shall be stationed nearby with hard hats and note pads at the ready.

1.40pm: Deeb bagged
Freddy Deeb is our latest big name casualty. Shipping it in with A♣ 6♥ against Albert van Zandwijk 8♦ 9♠. A fairly straightforward race and Deeb bows out with a little wave and will no doubt be found smashing up the cash games when they open up at 3pm.

1.42pm: Two hands killed the kid
Daniel Negreanu has been eliminated from the tournament. I saw him walking off updating his Twitter account via his phone so stopped to find out the details. He went on to explain that most of the damage was done over the course two hands.

The first one saw a queen high flop come down with Negreanu holding king-queen. He called a 7,000 bet (big for the pot size) here, a 21,000 bet on the turn and a 17,000 bet on the river only to be shown ace-queen by his opponent Jan Boubli.

The next hand saw him call a raise with 3♠4♠ while sitting in the big blind before he check-raised all in on a three-four-seven flop. His opponent called with pockets eights and a seven fell on the turn to counterfeit Negreanu’s hand and leave him with just 10,000. No recovery came and he was gone soon after.

1.35pm: Diamond flushes
Matt Woodward has just added another 100,000-odd to his stack, giving him an even more commanding chip lead. He’s now got about 350,000 after busting the French player Daniel Kalfa Sfadj. Woodward had aces but Sfadj turned a diamond flush. When the river brought another diamond, the ace in Woodward’s hand came into play and Sfadj was done.

On a nearby table, Brandon Schaefer lost a pot of about 45,000 to Dominykas Karmazinas, when the Lithuanian’s A♦K♦ made a flush on the river. But those diamonds weren’t so lucky for Florian Langmann. His three-bet pre-flop shove was called, after a good deal of dwelling, by Manole Mihai. Mihai had 10♣10♠ and Langmann was well behind with 8♦9♦. The German wouldn’t have minded the first four cards out of the deck: Q♥7♣4♦3♦, giving him the flush draw, but the river was a blank and Langmann is now out.


Florian Langmann

1.18pm: Only pretty in pink
Why didn’t you wear your lucky pink t-shirt, Max Lykov? The winner of EPT Kyiv (which took place but two weeks ago) just lost a big ol’ pot and his tournament life to Thayer Rasmussen. Rasmussen had raised from the cut-off with the monster 10♥ 2♥ and was called by Lykov with A♣ J♣. The flop was 10♣ A♠ 2♣ and it doesn’t take a genius to know that it all went in, but in what order? Lykov check-raised his top pair and nut flush draw and Rasmussen responded with a happy shove with his two-pair. The turn filled Rasmussen up and Lykov wandered away in his black t-shirt. He won’t be making that mistake again – back to the pink, Max. Rasmussen is up to 145,000.

Check out full chip counts here:

1.14pm: Semi-bluff of the level
Carter Phillips opened the pot with a raise before Rodrigo Martin Garcia three-bet to 7,200. Phillips then bumped it up to 17,200, a bet that was called. The flop came A♦7♣10♥ before Phillips check-raised his Garcia’s 22,500 bet all in for 65,000. Garcia went in to a five minute tank before making what looked like an agonizing fold. He should move on and not worry too much about it as he probably made the right fold…or maybe not. Phillips showed 8♣9♦ for a semi-bluff causing Garcia to leap out of his chair as storm off.

1.02pm: Deadly draws
A quick scan around the cardroom has shown a few tasty match ups. There’s Brandon Schaefer two seats to the right of Dragan Galic. Sandra Naujoks is next to Surinder Sunar and round the corner from short stack Leo Margets. We’re also expecting some three- and four-betting action from a Noah Boeken-Ivan Demidov pairing. Demidov is sat directly to his left and Max Lykov is across the table from them – but isn’t wearing his lucky pink t-shirt.

12.52am: First elimination of the day
Fady Kamar from Lebanon takes the unfortunate title of first faller of day 2. The short stack, who finished 44th in the EPT Grand Final in 2007, shoved with AT and was called by Jose Manuel Gomez Rebenaque with a pair of black 6s. An Ace on the flop and an Ace on the turn looked good for an early double up but a four club flush on the river sealed his fate. Goodbye, Kamar, goodbye.



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