EPT Barcelona: Bracelet winners and online sensations

September 10, 2008

Moments ago, it was time to check in on Alexandre Gomes, one of the newest members of Team PokerStars Pro and hot from his bracelet-winning excursion to Las Vegas, followed neatly by a final table appearance on the Latin America Poker Tour. He’s making his EPT debut here, and will also play in London next month and so far seems to be enjoying his European adventure.

Gomes hasn’t been massively involved so far — it’s only just the end of level two, so he’ll be forgiven. But that’s not to say his table is docile; far from it. PokerStars player and online sensation Christian Harder is there, guaranteeing a certain amount of action, and there’s also something of a personal feud developing between the PokerStars qualifier Mario Adinolfi and Raoul Rafus. On a flop of A♠8♥9♣, Adinolfi check-raised Rafus another 4,000, enough to put Rafus all-in. After a long think, he made what he considered to be a marginal call, tabling A-K for top pair, top kicker. Adinolfi showed Q-Q.

“Anyone else and I fold that hand,” said Rafus, hinting that Adinolfi has developed something of a loose image so far. Adinolfi chuckled and wathced as turn and river bricked. Rafus stayed alive, Adinolfi chuckled again and shipped over something like half of his chips. Then they got on with the next hand. “Raise,” chuckled Adinolfi.”

As mentioned, level two has just ended and we’re conducting our first chip count. It will appear HERE in a few minutes.


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