EPT Barcelona: All eyes on Obrestad

September 10, 2008

There were many players who impressed on their first full year on the European Poker Tour last year, players like EPT Best Newcomer award winner Trond Eidsvig who featured on three final tables.

But one player who blazed a particularly unique trail through season four was Annette Obrestad, the runner-up in Dublin (a final table that Eidsvig also reached) who, since winning the WSOP Europe, has specialised in a “see-it-to-believe-it” style of poker.

Wearing big black glasses, faux diamond headphones and the look of relentless determination on the part of her face still visible, Annette was up to more than 16,000 earlier today. Now though her stack is slightly less formidable but the fearsome look doesn’t waver until the break.

When she played a hand from under-the-gun you could feel the space around the table get smaller. A J♣8♣3♥ flop with the blinds versus Obrestad as photographers snapped into action and video cameras rolled.

But this hand would not be the demonstration of poker panache they were hoping for and instead marked the end of another Obrestad tournament. Moving in with 10♣7♣, a gutshot straight flush draw, Obrestad missed on both the turn and river, leaving her opponent’s J♥5♥ good for top pair and the Obrestad chips.

She’ll take her revenge in London.


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