EPT Barcelona: A table full of action

September 04, 2009


The PokerStars Supernova Kelly Corbin is in the house. You know him because you can hear him: he’s a player who hascome to our notice before, always keen to get involved in whatever verbal joust is going, and frequently leading the entire table in spirited conversation.

“I think it’s a chopped pot!” he announced moments ago on table 16. “You ready to chop?” Corbin was looking at a board of 10♦7♥6♣7♠10♠ and he tabled A♥K♦. His opponent was the early chip leader Elefetrios Simeonidis, who this time was silent. He tapped the table and pushed his cards forward; a small slice of his 60,000 stack moving elsewhere.

This table is clearly one to watch. After winning that huge jostle in the opening stages — kings against aces, king on the river — Simeonidis has been putting his chips to work, entering pretty much every pot. His raises are not getting a whole lot of respect, though. On the hand eventually won by Corbin’s ace-high, he raised from mid position to 650 and four players called. He got rid of two of them with a turn bet of 1,700 but Corbin called him all the way down.


Elefetrios Simeonidis

Johnny Lodden is also around this slab of baize. He’s started quietly, but, well, it’s Johnny Lodden. That won’t last long.


Johnny Lodden

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