EPT Baden: Final table updates

October 10, 2007

Julian Thew, England, wins EPT Baden, earning €670,800

Denes Kalo, Hungary, eliminated in second place, winning €375,000

10.15pm: We have a winner. Julian Thew has ace-eight against Denes Kalo’s ace-five and they get it all in pre flop. Denes needs the five and it never materialised: Julian is the champion – and a very popular one at that.

The heads up battle has been cagey. Very, very cagey. Julian takes a pot, Denes takes a pot, with the stacks similar to how they started after half an hour of play. They’ve taken a short break for some air. We await the crowning of a champion.

We’re heads up between Julian Thew, of England, and Denes Kalo, from Hungary.

They have:

Thew – 1,754,000
Kalo – 1,069,000

Here we go.

9.05pm: Vladimir Poleshchuk, Russia, eliminated in third place, winning €225,000
Denes raises pre-flop from the button and Vladimir comes over the top for his whole stack. Vladimir shows A-Q and is ahead of Denes’s K-J, but it’s outdraw time, as Denes fills a straight on the river. Down to two.

8.55pm: Thomas Fuller, USA, eliminated in fourth place, winning €160,800.
And just like that, Thomas is gone. He couldn’t recover from the crippling blow suffered at the hands of Julian Thew and then moved in with A-6. Denes Kalo calls with 7-7 and hits another seven, ending the hopes of Fuller. Down to three.

The players request a two minute break as the blinds go up to 15,000-30,000, with a 3,000 ante. Thew has more than half the chips in play: 1.8 million. Vladimir is now back in second, with 571,000 and Denes has edged into third. He has 261,000. Thomas, who just lost that massive pot, is trailing with 137,000.

8.45pm: Huge pot. Vladimir raises 70,000 pre-flop and Thomas Fuller starts peering ominously at the Russian’s stack. He calls, and then Julian Thew also gets involved. He calls. They see Kc-6c-Qh and Julian and Vladimir check. Thomas, who seems to be strong, fires just more than 100,000 into the 228,000 pot, giving Thew a tough decision. He announces a raise and bumps it up even further: the pot swells to 788,000. Vladimir gets out the way but Thomas moves in and Julian calls. Thomas has a set of sixes, Julian Q-8 of clubs for middle pair and the flush draw. It was already a massive, massive pot and when the ace of clubs came on the turn, it gave Thew the flush and sent him into a commanding chip lead. It’s about 1.8 million and Fuller is felted.

8.41pm: Vladimir and Denes play a 150,000 pot: the flop came 10-9-J – check, check – then the turn brought another 10. Check check. The river was a king and Denes bet and took it.

8.40pm: Big pot brewed between the two chip leaders, but soon fizzled out. Thomas Fuller raised pre-flop and Julian Thew called. The flop came 4s-3d-10c and Julian bet it. Thomas folded.

Thomas Fuller is the tournament chip leader, with about 980,000. Thew is second with about 780,000. Vladimir and Denes are third and fourth, respectively.

8.32pm: Julian raises from the small blind and Vladimir calls from the big. The flop comes K-J-6 and both players check, as they do when the 8 comes on the turn. Julian then bets on the J river and sends Vladimir into the tank. The Russian thinks and thinks and then folds.

8.30pm: Julian Thew, who took a bit of a hit from Thomas Fuller a few pots before, raises from the button but is met with a re-raise all in from Vladimir in the small blind. Julian lays it down and loses 60,000.

8.20pm: Thomas Fuller takes down a sizeable pot, betting into a ten high flop, with both Julian and Vladimir still involved. They both pass and the American, who’s impressed everyone on this final table, climbs up again.

8.02pm: Big pot – and a double up for Denes Kalo. The chip leader calls the Hungarian player’s all in pre flop with pocket nines. Kalo has pocket jacks and there’s nothing to worry about on the board. Kalo is back in the game with about 500,000.

8pm: Back from the dinner break, with the four remaining players sitting behind the following chips:

Julian Thew – 986,000
Thomas Fuller – 762,000
Vladimir Poleschuk – 744,000
Denes Kalo – 331,000

And they’re playing for:

1st – €670,800
2nd – €375,000
3rd – €225,000
4th – €160,820

6.45pm: That’s the dinner break. There are four left, and Julian Thew has edged into the chip lead, ahead of Thomas Fuller, then Vladimir Poleshchuk and Denes Kalo. Full counts to follow.

Julian Thew raises from the button and Thomas Fuller calls from the big blind. The flop comes 4-J-K and Thomas checks. Julian bets and takes it, showing A-K.

6.35pm: Thomas Fuller raises pre-flop and Vladimir calls. It’s a lucky-looking flop: 7-7-7 and, after Vladimir checks, Thomas bets into a 200,000 pot. Vladimir then unleashes the check-raise, but it’s only the minimum. Thomas Fuller moves all in. Wow. The pot goes up to 760,000, the biggest of the tournament so far. Vladimir folds, and slips right down the board. Thomas shows ace-king for a super-powerful move and he might now be in second place, behind Thew.

6.30pm: Denes Kalo raises to 58,000 from the small blind. Julian calls in the big blind and the flop brings J-Q-J. Both players check and see a scary ace on the turn, which prompts a check from Kalo. Julian tosses 30,000 into a pot of 124,000 and Kalo calls. Julian tables the queen, and scoops.

6.25pm: Three way pot, with Vladimir calling from the button; Denes maing up the small blind and Julian checking the button. The flop comes Ks-Qd-9c and Vladimir makes a small bet. That prompts Denes to move all in and Vladimir quickly folds.

6.15pm: Thomas Fuller raises pre-flop and Vladimir calls. The board comes 6-7-8 rainbow and Thomas puts in a small bet that’s an easy call for the Russian. They both check the jack turn, then Thomas fires again on the 9 river, obviously representing the 10 for a straight. Vladimir buys it, and folds. Thomas takes a 230,000 pot.

No sooner is that last update typed than Kalo moves all-in pre-flop against Thomas Fuller. Fuller folds.

5.50pm: Back from the break and a big pot developed between Julian Thew and Denes Kalo. A sizeable bet on the ragged flop picked it up for Thew. Kalo has been quiet today — perhaps card dead, perhaps attempting just to edge up the payout scale. Only the television edit will show.

5.20pm: The players take a ten minute break. Chip counts:

Vladimir Poleshchuk – Russia – 984,000
Julian Thew – England – 880,000
Thomas Fuller – USA – 569,000
Denes Kalo – Hungary – 459,000

With all four remaining players sitting with no more than about 400,000 between first and fourth, the action is slow here in Baden. Julian Thew has pinched a couple of blinds and antes, but was also caught with his fingers in the till by Denes Kalo, who called a 50,000 river bet and Julian mucked.

The blinds are at 6,000-12,000 and the stacks are levelling out. Julian Thew just picked up a pot with A-Q, and then re-raised a Thomas Fuller pre-flop raise. Vladimir thought about it, but folded, but Thomas decided to call. The pot was about 250,000 at this point. The flop came Kd-6c-2h and Julian checked. Thomas checked behind and the turn was 9s. Julian bet out for 90,000 which sent Thomas deep into the tank. Thomas eventually folded, and Julian picked up that quarter-million to temporarily halt Thomas’s move up the leaderboard.

4.30pm: Thierry van den Berg, Holland, PokerStars qualifier, eliminated in fifth place for €132,900.
Thomas Fuller continues his charge. He raises pre-flop and Thierry van den Berg moves his short stack all in over the top. Fuller calls quickly and shows A-10; Thierry has J-9s. The flop brings queen-eight-king, which is an inside straight draw for the PokerStars qualifier from Holland. But the turn and river are blanks and Thierry is out.

Four players remain:

Vladimir Poleshchuk – Russia – 1million
Julian Thew – England – 700,000
Thomas Fuller – USA – 670,000
Denes Kalo – Hungary – 470,000

4.25pm: Thierry van den Berg, the PokerStars qualifier from Holland, raises pre-flop and Thomas Fuller moves all in for the second hand in a row. He has Van den Berg covered and the Dutchman thinks then folds. Fuller is on the move.

4.20pm: It’s tough to get precise chip counts at the moment, but Vladimir is still out front with around about 1 million. Julian Thew remains second with about 700,000.

Thomas Fuller is the next one all in against Vladimir, and he’s not in good shape with 7-7 against J-J. That is, until a seven flops and the last remaining American doubles up, handing Vladimir his first hit. Fuller ends with a full house — sevens full of tens — and is up to about 250,000.

The chips have been flowing in one direction only today, and that is towards Vladimir Poleshchuk. He now has about 1.2 million in chips.

4pm: Manfred Hammer eliminated in sixth place, winning €105,000
Manfred Hammer finds all his chips in the pot with 5-5 and is called by Vladimir Poleshchuk with A-Q. The flop brings an ace immediately and Hammer never recovers. Hammer time is over. Down to five, with Poleshchuk, the Russian player, having accounted for all three of today’s eliminations.

2.35pm: Predictably, it’s slowed a little after those amazing early-day bust-outs. Just time to update the tournament situation: they’re playing level 20 with blinds of 5,000-10,000 and a 500 running ante.

2.27pm: Ted Lawson, USA, eliminated in seventh place, winning €83,600
As we struggle to contain the urge to use the headline “Vlad the Impaler”, Vladimir Poleshchuk earns his second scalp of the day, on the second hand. This time it’s Ted Lawson who’s all-in with king-queen of clubs. Poleshchuk has ace-nine of hearts and flops three hearts for the flush. Lawson out in seventh and we’re down to six, without even completing an orbit of the table.

2.25pm: Anton Allemann, Switzerland, eliminated in eighth place, winning €60,000
An amazing start here in Baden, for everyone except Anton Allemann. The young Swiss player was all in with ace-king on a flop of king-nine-ten. Vladimir Poleshchuk called with king-nine for two pair and Anton was out – first hand of the day

2.15pm: Cards are in the air.


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