EPT Baden: Double ups and exits

October 09, 2007

Day three has begun in a predictable hurry, with those near the bottom of the overnight leaderboard desperate to begin their climb — or to hit the spa.

As reported, we have already lost RaiNKhan, whose relaxation will have to wait until after his spell in the EPT Live commentary booth (join him HERE), and Carlo di Renzo, both of whom ran into aces.

But Thor Hansen, who was at the very foot of the table, just got all his stack in the middle and picked up the blinds and antes. He flashed a seven-five off-suit to advertise exactly the kind of hands with which he’s prepared to make these moves.

Alexander Kravchenko, who was a dominant force in this year’s World Series main event, also just survived an all-in. But his was of the double-up variety. He had ace-king and found a caller in Hans Eskilsson, the former soccer pro turned poker player.

Alexander Kravchenko, right, and Hans Eskilsson, far left

Eskilsson thought for an age before calling with pocket twos. The door card was a king and that was enough to double up Kravchenko.

* * * * *

It looks as though we have just lost both Surindar Sunar, from the feature table, and Matt Tyler, the PokerStars qualifier, from outside. Tyler suddenly appeared on the television feed shaking his friend Julian Thew’s hand, and then settled in the bleechers. Hand details to follow.

Surinder, meanwhile, was a victim of Thew’s. They got it all in pre-flop with ace-jack versus eights. The jack flopped to give Surinder a potential double-up, but the eight turned and Thew knocked him out.

It’s frantic stuff.


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