EPT Baden: Day 2 Nitty and Gritty

October 06, 2005

5:19pm–The final TV table has been set.

Seat 1: Gunnar Osterbrod (NOR) 184,300
Seat 2: Patrick Antonius (FIN) 308,400
Seat 3: Torstein Iverson (NOR) 179,500
Seat 4: Edgar Skjevold (NOR) 90,400
Seat 5: Peter Muhlbeck (Austria) 247,700
Seat 6: Ingemar Backman (SWE) 294,500
Seat 7: Christian Grundtvig (DEN) 180,000
Seat 8: Abel Meijberg (NL) 315,100

5:18pm–Morten Jensen eliminated in 9th place, cashing for 13,680 euros.

4:45pm–Martin Pollack has expired in tenth place. All in with KQ vs. T8, his opponent Abel Meijberg spiked a ten. Pollack cashed for 8,208. The players are currently re-drawing for seats at the final table. We will play until we lose one more player, then break for the day with plans to play thein final TV table on Thursday.

3:47pm–At long last, Austria’s Kurt Muller, who began the day in 32nd place out of 36, has expired. Down to a precious few chips, he went all in with ATo and got four callers. Terminator Patrick Antonius flopped two-pair and send Mullter out in 11th place. Two more to go until the TV table.

3:18pm–Tobias Persson is out in 12th place, cashing for 8,208 euro.

3:11pm–David McGeachie just became further proof that no one is match for Patrik Antonius’ ratty queens. McGeachie pushed all in with K8 on a Q62 flop. Antonius held Q7 and it held up. McGeachie takes 13th. Money goes up for the next person out.

3:05pm–PokerStars qualifier Dustin Dorrance-Bowman has exited in 14th place. He got all in with Patrik Atonius on a queen high board with only one card to come. Antonius had the queen, which was too big for Bowman’s 88.

2:48pm–Paul Testud will be heading back to France. In the cutoff, he pushed with KQ. Peter Muhlbeck called with AQ. The best hand held up. Testud cashes for 6,840 euros.

2:29pm–Henrik Joern is out. After a rolle-caoster day, Joern saw a king-high flop with AK. Thing is, it was all diamonds and Gunnar Osterbrod held T7 of…indeed…diamonds. Joern takes 16th place. Money goes up from here.

2:24pm–PokerStars qualifier Thomas Bihl just suffered a very similar departure as Jason McCombie. Under the gun, Bihl pushed in with pocket fives. Tobias Persson woke up in the big blind with pocket aces. The aces held up and Bihl left in 17th place, cashing for 5,472 euros.

2:19pm–PokerStars FPP qualifier Jason McCombie has been eliminated in 18th place after pushing all-in under the gun with KT suited in clubs. Gunnar Osterbrod looked down at pocket aces, made the call, and busted our man. McCombie will take 5,472 euros back to the U.S. (In fact, he may trade them for dollars before he leaves, but that is neither here nor there). Nice job, Jason.

2:03pm–Julian Thew, who came into the day on a very short-stack and survied int the money has been eliminated in 19th place.

1:51pm–We’ve lost three more, and now have 19 players remaining. The money jumps up after we lose the next player. David Kleman got in with pocket nines versus pockt kings AND pocket aces. Edgar “RAGDE” Skjevold (2004 WCOOP champion) was on the wrong end of the hand as well with the kings. He is still alive. Kleman is not.

1:20pm–Two PokerStars qualifiers have nearly doubled up at the expense of two other players (who have now busted out). Jason McCombie just busted Kjersti Grini. She held J7 to to McCombie’s TT. She didn’t improve and busted in 22nd place. Then Dustin Dorrance-Bowman knocked out Erich Kollmann. Kollman got in ahead with KJ but lost to Dustin’s QT when a ten came on the flop. Kollman placed 21st.

1:06pm–We are on a short break between levels. As it stands right now, Gunnar Osterbrod of Norway looks like that chip leader with about about 272,000 in chips. For those in the states following the progress of Jason McCombie, he has about 37K. He will be in need of making some sort of move soon. Also, young Dustin Dorrance-Bowman is holding strong, as well.

12:43pm– Some big action in the tournament area. First off, we lost Frode Fagerli in 25th place with AJ vs Julian Thew’s KQ. A king came on the river. Daniel Larsson departed in 24th place with 44 vs. QQ. Both players cashed for 4,104 euros.

In other news, we saw a crazy suck, re-suck hand. Christian Grundtvig got all in with AA vs KT. The board came down 55K…K…A. The Danes are some happy, jumping around folk right now.

12:37pm–Stefan Rapp is out in 26th place. He was pleased to get all-in with pocket nines, especially when his opponent turned over 33. The flop came out gruelingly slow. In the middle of it was a three. Rapp couldn’t draw out his nine. He takes home 4,104 euros.

12:32pm–Jonathan Hancock is out in 27th place. He got AQ in vs. 99. A nine on the flop almost sealed the deal. The turn opened up a gutshot straight draw, leaving Hanock with four king outs. None of them came. Hancock cashed for 4,104 euros.

12:12pm–In the money. Alex Steic, Gyorgy Moger, Dario Alioto, and Caspar Hassen have all departed. We are now down to 27. That means were in the money. The next eight players out will get a little more than 4000 Euros.

11:48am–Five players have busted out since play began 45 minutes ago. Rob Hollink, Markus Friberg, Stefan Jonasson, Morten Erlandsen, and David Colclough have all departed. In other news, after losing his first all-in, short-stacked Julian Thew has doubled through twice, both times through Alex Stevic (who seems understandably a bit frustrated with the developments).

EPT Baden Day 2 is about to begin. We have 36 players remaining. The players will compete until eight remain. The top 27 make the money. Click here for a list of chip counts as we begin the day. The most recent events from the day will be at the top of this post.


1. 218,990
2. 120,384
3. 61,560
4. 47,880
5. 41,040
6. 34,200
7. 27,360
8. 20,520
9. 13,680
10-12. 8,208
13-15. 6,840
16-18. 5,472
19-27. 4,104


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