EPT Baden: Baden supernova

October 05, 2005

Supernova explosions are among the most energetic events in the universe. It happens when massive Stars, eight time the size of the Earth’s sun, collapse due to loss of their life-giving fuel. The biggest of these stars actually leave behind black holes upon their demise.

Suffice it to say, Casino Baden is home to two massive black holes at the moment.

As we labor through level four in the most cush of surroundings, PokerStars’ stars Greg Raymer and Isabelle Mercier are on the rail. Mercier’s demise is less storied than Raymer’s. She lost a good portion of chips after investing a lot in a pair of jacks then being forced to lay them down on a nine-high board after an opponent pushed all in. She survived for a few more levels before pushing in from the big blind with pocket fours after one person had limped in from the cutoff. The cutoff called with KQ and improved enough to send Mercier on her way.

Raymer’s tale is a bit more storied. Raymer had lost about half his stack before the final hand. It seems the big blind had taken a walk. His chips were up for grabs. So, it seemed a bit suspicious when a player in early position came in for a sizable raise. Raymer thought it was a bit hinky, so much so that his own cards were irrelevant. Raymer pushed in his remaining 5000 in chips, fulling expecting the early-position raiser to fold. When, in fact, the call came, Raymer expected to see an un-foldable monster. Instead, he saw AQ. Not a monster, but good enough to beat Raymer’s 5-6.

In other news, PokerStars Frequent Player qualifier Dan Hahn of Portland, Oregon has just suffered a sad beat. Holding KQ on a KKx board, he got in versus KJ. I suppose there’s little need to explain the sickness of a jack falling on the river.

Goodbye, Mr. Hahn

That said, I’ve just learned there is another man from Portland is in the field. Mark Potovsky is sitting with Marcel Luske upstairs. We’ll hopefully have more on him later.

And so with the black holes sucking the superstardom from the room, we go in search of other stars. We’ve found a few. Their pictures are below.

Jonas Helness, second-place finisher at EPT London, now sitting on 21,500 in chips

Tralala, Swedish standout who took third place in PokerStars 2005 World Championship of Online Poker


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