EPT €25K High Roller: Where’s the value?

May 01, 2009


Walking between the eight tables or so, I bumped into a shaven-headed Roland De Wolfe, who was wandering around chatting to some of the players he knew. “Are you playing this event?”

He replied to the negative.

“I can’t find three worse players than me in the tournament! Seriously, there’s not much value in this.”

Further on, Juha Helppi had a big decision as Daniel Alaei bet 13,500 on the river of a 10♥K♦J♠6♣8♣ board into a pot that already contained around 20,000. Helppi used a good five minutes of time before folding his hand.

Already we have had an all-in on the table next to this one, PokerStars ShootingStar Florian Langmann check-raising all-in for an additional 18,800 on an A♥4♦9♥8♦ board against Alexander Kostritsyn’s 15,600. The Russian did not take much time to fold and the young German is probably our early chip leader.

Late buy-ins include Ilari Sahamies who came straight from being knocked out of the main event, while Gus Hansen and Andy Bloch have also joined the event.


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