EPT €25K High Roller: The final poker flourish

May 01, 2010


Good afternoon all and welcome back to Monte Carlo. It’s a peculiar place today: the poker party has all but departed to be replaced by a vast void in the tournament area and a load of people in motor sport jumpsuits awaiting the Formula One jamboree. Poker? What?

However Monte Carlo is the place for high rollers, and they like their own company. Eight players battled through two days and nights to outlast a record EPT High Roller field. And now they’re going to do battle for the first prize of €956,000 and all the places down to eight, as detailed on the prizes and payouts page.


Yesterday’s main event final. It looks similar today

Luke Schwartz was our final table bubble late on; Javier Garcia and Antoine Saout also cashed. Now it’s all about these eight:

(Seat, name, chips)

1. Dori Yacoub – 1,199,000
2. Tom Marchese – 909,000
3. Tobias Reinkemeier – 826,000
4. Sorel Mizzi – 770,000
5. Allen Bari – 835,000
6. Olivier Busquet – 666,000
7. Paul Berende – 327,000
8. Michael Friedrich – 112,000

Play will start at noon and we’ll have all the coverage in text form here. You can also watch it on EPT Live, if you’ve got all the plug ins.

We’re moments away.


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