EPT €25k High Roller: Day 2, levels 18,19 & 20 (blinds 8,000-16,000, ante 2,000)

May 01, 2010


11.45pm: Schwartz blows up in 9th
Luke Schwartz is our final table bubble boy after losing a race and blowing up after. Dori Yacoub raised from mid-position before the Brit moved all-in for another 242,000. Yacoub looked like he was going to fold and Schwartz told him so but after two minutes of thought and dialogue with his opponent he called with K♣Q♣.

“That’s the worst donk call I’ve ever seen” said Schwartz. “Good game guys, this flop’s got the most amount of paint coming I’ve ever seen.”

The flop came down K♥9♠2♣ and Schwartz smashed his chips all over the table. The turn river came 4♠ and 3♦. The Brit stormed off in a huff and we have our final eight players for tomorrow.

The official chip counts will be up soon and don’t forget to look out for a full wrap of today’s action. The final table will start at Midday CET tomorrow. –MC

11.30pm: ‘€100 if you show me worse than ace-jack or pockets tens’
Sorel Mizzi raised to 38,000 before Luke Schwartz three-bet to 93,000 out of his 380,000 stack. Mizzi asked how much his opponent was playing and then moved all-in. Schwartz looked like someone had put a dagger through his heart and then he said ‘I’ll give you €100 if you show me worse than ace-jack or pockets tens,’ before mucking.

‘I can’t do that. I have better,’ said Mizzi and he mucked too. Before his cards reached the muck Allen Bari said ‘Will you give me €100 if I flip them over?’ The whole table laughed as the dealer started shuffling up for another hand. Play goes on with one left to fall. –MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 8,000-16,000, ante 2,000

We’ve still got just one player to get knocked out and unsurprisingly things have got very, very cagey. There are a couple of short stacks waiting for the right spot. — RD

10:50pm: Table draw
The players have just been reseated at one table and we have one player left to knock out before we break for the day. It’s been sensational from start to finish and tomorrow promises to be an absolute belter (that’s a good thing in case you’re wondering). There’s been ace-high bluff’s and nut check-raises galore. The day 3 bubble picks up €50,000.

Seat and chips
1 – Dori Yacoub – 1,000,000
2 – Tom Marchese – 800,000
3 – Tobias Reinkenmeier – 730,000
4 – Sorel Mizzi – 600,000
5 – Allen Bari – 700,000
6 – Olivier Busquet – 650,000
7 – Luke Schwartz – 320,000
8 – Paul Berende – 380,000
9 – Michael Friedrich – 230,000

Check the prizes and payouts by clicking here. — RD

10:40pm: Garcia out in 10th (€50,000)
Javier Garcia is our 10th place finisher after getting it all-in on a flop against Tom Marchese. Marchese raised and Garcia called to see a 8♦Q♣10♣ flop. Marchese c-bet for 38,000 before Garcia moved all-in for 457,000. Call. Marchese had just 9,000 more than his opponent as the cards were revealed:

Garcia: 9♣7♣ for straight and flush draws.
Marchese: 8♣8♦ for bottom set.

The turn came 5♦ and river 5♣. It made the flush for Garcia but crucially a full-house for Marchese. He’s up to around 950,000 whereas Garcia gets €50,000 for his efforts. –MC

10.30pm: Aces for a double-up
Tobias Reinkemeier was short and need of a double-up and it came just in time. He woke up with A♦A♦ and found a customer in chip leader Dori Yacoub with A♣K♦. The board ran out J♠3♥5♥2♣7♠ to move the German up to 235,000. Yacob still has about a million.

Just as this hand was about to be published Reinkemeier doubled-up yet again. He got it all-in with jacks and was called by Paul Berende with sevens. The jacks held up and the German is up to nearly half-a-million now. –MC

ept high roller_day 2_tobias reinkemeier.jpg

10.20pm: Down then out
Two hands later Antoine Saout moved the last of his chips in with 6♣6♠ and was called by the man who did all the damage before; Tom Marchese. The American showed J♥J♠ for a dominating lead which held as the board ran out 8♥K♦4♣9♣4♥. Saout wins his €25,000 buy-in back thanks to a deal made late in the last break. –MC

10.15pm: Saout almost out
Antoine Saout is down to his last 50,000 after doubling-up Tom Marchese. All the chips went in on a 9♣8♦9♥ flop with Saout holding a drawing J♥10♥ to Marchese’s 7♥8♥ for two-pair. The board ran out 6♥6♠ and Marchese up to 400,000. –MC

10.05pm: Players are back from break
We’re into level 19 now and the end is in sight. The players have decided at the break that 11th will get the good old saver of 25,000 Euros back. That’s two days of sweat that will no longer cost you a rocket. Expect some swift knockouts now. Play is no longer hand for hand. –RD

9.55pm: Mizzi of old
Sorel Mizzi just pulled off an amazing bluff ten minutes in to the break to force Michael Friedrich off a hand. The turn was out giving a 2♥9♠8♣K♠ board and Friedrich led for 75,000. Mizzi had 255,000 left and sat and thought for what seemed like an age before moving all-in. Now it was the Austrian’s turn to tank and he thought for five minutes before letting it go. Mizzi looked up at the camera filming the action and said “You want to see this one?” and tabled A♦10♦ for ace-high.

Wow, just wow. “That’s the 1mperium of two years ago” he added. He’s up to 450,000 now. Friedrich down to 255,000. –MC


Sorel Mizzi pwns with ace-high

9.45pm: Break time
The players are on a 15 minute break but two players didn’t realise that and were playing out a fascinating hand. Details to follow. –MC

9.30pm: Hand for hand
We’re 11-handed now and on the money bubble so we playing hand for hand. It’s tense times here at the Monte Carlo Bay. — RD

9.25pm: Bubble time
Matt Marafioti had let his stack dwindle to 66,000 and 10,000 of that was invested in the big blind when it was time for his exit. It was no surprise then that he called all-in when Dori Yacoub set him in from the big blind and the American looked down at A♠7♦. Unfortunately he found himself out-kicked by Yacoub’s A♦J♦ and the board ran J♠7♥K♥4♣5♣. Eleven players remain and only one more of these will leave empty handed. –MC

9.10pm: First real pot in a while
Things have slowed and while we’re on tenterhooks for an elusive all-in and call some players are still trying to snatch pots away. Luke Schwartz raised from the cut-off and Dori Yacoub called from the button to see a 10♣3♥7♣ flop. Schwartz check-called a 25,000 bet before both checked the 9♣ turn. The river came A♠ and Schwartz checked. Yacoub made a quick 100,000 bet. The Brit put his head into his arms and then made the call. Yacoub tabled A♣2♣ for the nut flush (again) and the pot. Schwartz is down to 300,000. Yacoub up to 1.1million. –MC

9pm: Money on their minds
The last twenty minutes has seen play tighten up no end. All the pots have become raise and take it or if there has been a call a simple continuation bet has done enough. It’s a very big bubble so the pulling back on the reins is completely understandable. Matt Marafioti is the shortest stack at 120,000 so he’ll most probably be the one who has to make a move first. Doubles and bubbles to come. –MC

8.40pm: New level, new deal
The players have decided to give a saver, well, better than a saver to ninth and tenth spots in the form of a double your money €50,000. That should change the dynamics a little bit with just two players left to fall before the money.

ept high roller_day 2_javier garcia.jpg

Javier Garcia has enjoyed some key double ups in the last few levels

PokerStars Blog reporting team on the €25k High Roller in Monte Carlo (in order of allergies): Rick Dacey (lemongrass) and Marc Convey (penicillin)


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