EPT Barcelona: Level 25 updates

September 08, 2009

EPTLive updates from day four, level 25 of EPT Barcelona brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Rick Dacey, Marc Convey and Howard Swains.

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Blinds: 20,000-40,000 (4,000 ante)

Final table set
Our final table line up has been established. Head over to the chip count page for the full details of who will return and with what chip stack. Follow the red in other words.



A full wrap is on its way.

10.51pm: Goodwin takes on Nuijten
Julian Nuijten moves all-in, sliding forward his tower of chips. It’s 750k high and Marc Goodwin wants to call. He does, showing A♣Q♥ to Nuijten’s A♥K♥. Goodwin had just had his own dose of bad luck against Carter Phillips but now got the exact opposite with a flop of A♠Q♣6♦. It left Nuijten looking for a king – 7♥ on the turn, 5♥ on the river. It was all over for Nuijten. Goodwin restores his stack to earlier heights and we now have our final eight to return tomorrow. — SB

10.45pm: All in and a call
Lapossie raised, Georgios Kapalas moved all-in for 365,000, Matt Lapossie thought and called, showing 9♣5♣ to Kapalas’ pocket eights. Stand up gents, let’s see the board: 4♥2♥Q♠J♠3♠. And sit down again. –SB

10.36pm: Hand Barrage!
Hand 1: Julien Nuijten raises to 95,000 from the cut-off and wins the pot.
Hand 2: Carter Phillips raises to 95,000. Matt Lapossie calls on the button. Phillips bets 115,000 on the 10♦ 4♠ J♣ flop and takes the pot down. Phillips shows aces.
Hand 3: Lapossie raises to 93,000 from the hijack and Toni Ojala moves all-in from the cut-off for 629,000. Lapossie passes.
Hand 4: Phillips raises to 95,000 and Lapossie calls (again) from the cut-off. The two chip leaders go to the flop in a 286,000 pot. 9♠ K♠ 4♥. Phillips bets 120,00.

10.20pm: Did this just happen?
Three of the table’s huge stacks just got involved in a spectacular pot. Carter Phillips started it with a raise to 95,000, called by Matt Lapossie before Marc Goodwin three-bet to 330,000. Phillips wasn’t finished yet though and four-bet to 620,000. Lapossie moved out of the way but Goodwin decided to call in position.


Marc Goodwin

The flop was full of action: 9♦10♥Q♦. It seemed to slow both players who checked to see the A♥ turn, which became another flash point. Phillips led out this time for 700,000 leaving Goodwin with the decision, and a spell in the tank. Deep in concentration he was snapped out of it when Santiago Terrazas called the clock. Visibly surprised, it wasn’t long before Goodwin mucked ace-king face-up, only for Phillips to show 6♣8♣. An audacious bluff, it’ll be the subject of many conversations in the Costa Brava’s bars tonight.–MC

10.12pm: And on and on
No sign of an immediate elimination. We play on…

10.06pm: Don’t check to this guy
Santiago Terrazas opened the pot with a raise to 144,000 and is called only by Matt Lapossie for a flop of K♥4♦9♣. Terrazas checked to Lapossie who bet 144,000. As the EPT commentators pointed out, if you check to this guy he’s always going to bet. Terrazas looked like he was about to raise but thought better of it, folding instead.–MC.

9.59pm: Take it to the turn
A Phillips bet of 120,000 called by Lapossie for a flop of 7♦K♠2♣. Phillips threw in another 120,000 which is again called for a 3♣ on the turn. Phillips checked now, Lapossie bet 220,000 and that was that. — SB

9.55pm: The first all-in
Santiago Terrazas moved all-in for 351,000. Georgios Kapalas did the calling, showing K♥J♣ to Terrazas’ A♠10♣. Much excitement as the board ran: 2♠6♥10♠9♦6♠. Terrazas doubled and now Kapalas is the short stack with 469,000. – SB

9.50pm: Play resumes
Play resumes!



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