There are a few versions of Jason Mercier that a bystander can try to interpret. One has the Florida boy full of laughs and jokes. There is another where Mercier might as well be waiting in line at the DMV, bored, disinterested, fingers idly swiping at his phone. Then there’s the scary one…the one with a frighteningly serious face that, if you put a little blood on it might fit well on a Call of Duty box cover. That’s the Jason Mercier nobody wants to see, because that’s the one who is about to run over a tournament.

But here’s the secret: it doesn’t matter which face he puts on that day. If he decides he wants to win a tournament, stay out of his way unless you want to be the source of the virtual blood on his face.

Yesterday morning, Mercier declared he was setting out to win the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open $2,000 8-game event. And, so, of course, he did.


Easy money? Easy money. (Photo: Eric Harkins/SHRPO)

Sporting his Easy Money t-shirt and a smile that belied his vicious performance, Mercier picked up the trophy and $18,000, admittedly a pittance in Mercier’s world, but hey, easy money is still easy money. It was made even easier by the fact that the event was only going to pay out two places. Three-handed, Mercier held nearly every chip in play. PokerStars Blog contributor Al Rash told us that with 225,000 chips in play, second place had 13,000 and third had 8,600. It was such a beating that Ben Yogel and Marcello Costa conceded, agreed to split second place money, and gave the win to Mercier.

And so off to the next three months of tourneys for Mercier. Keep an eye out for that Easy Money shirt.

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