Dublin EPT final table – live

October 31, 2005

1.35am– That’s it. We have a winner and his name is Mats Gavatin. The final hand was ace-king in Mats’s hand against king-nine for Henric. End of story – although there’ll be photos and a report here in a moment.

1.30am– Wow. Huge swing to Mats. He’s now the dominating chip leader after he flops trip eights with ace-eight in his hand. There’s some tricky betting and flat calling before the turn, when Henric moves in. Mats calls in an instant, of course, and Henric shows ace-king. Nothing but ace-high. Mats now has more than two million, while Henric is as low as he’s been for hours. He has 450,000.

1.20am– Mats doubles up with pocket nines against wired threes for Henric.

1.15am– It’s been one-way traffic since Mats’s huge double up. Henric has got them all back – and more – with some hugely aggressive heads up play. The chip count is as follows.
Henric: 2,500,000
Mats: 400,000

Behind the scenes at the EPT

Thomas Kremser officiating the match between the Swedes

12.55am– The first hand of the heads up battle is a monster. Mats flops two-pair with his seven-eight but Henric is a non-believer and tries to bully him off it with his ace-two. All the chips go in and Gavatin doubles up. They’re nearly even.

12.50am– Heads-up. The two Swedes remain, with Olander the clear leader. He has 1,790,000. Mats has 672,000

Henric Olander, left, and Mats Gavatin: it’s going back to Sweden

12.40am– David Pomroy out in third – The biggest pot of the tournament by some measure gives Henric Olander a monstrous lead and sends David Pomroy to the rail. There’s a raise, a re-raise, an all-in and a call and the players show ace-jack (David) and king-eight (Henric). When your name is on a trophy it’s engraved deep and the flop of eight-king-ten gives two pairs to the Swede. David needs a queen to make the straight, but there’s no sign of the lady and it’s all over for the Brit. He takes €89,300. We’re now heads up.

12.30am– Joe Rafferty takes €69,500 for fourth place – The final local boy, Joe Rafferty, is out. He’s been low chipped for a good hour and has been forced to make moves all night. This time he moved in with ace-four and Mats Gavatin called with king-eight. It was looking good for Joe when the flop brought him a straight draw and nothing to beat his ace-high. But the turn was the killer: an eight. Irish interest is over.

12.20am– Peter Haslam is our fifth placed finisher – The man from Chorley, near Birmingham, England, had let himself get a little short-stacked of late, with most of his chips going to his immediate right. That’s where Henric Olander is sitting, the man who has played round about 75 per cent of pots and won about 90 per cent of those. Henric raises from the button, Pete moves in, everyone gets out the way. Henric thinks, then calls, and shows king-jack. Pete has a mere eight-five but has a double belly buster draw on the flop, when it comes seven-nine-jack. But it doesn’t fill and Haslam is out, taking €59,500 for his troubles.

11.55pm– Better news for Rafferty, who gets some of his chips back when he calls David Pomroy’s all-in with queen-six. Not much, but better than David, who shows five-six. No miracle outdraws this time and Joe doubles up.

David Pomroy gazes through the shades at Joe Rafferty, his recent adversary

11.45pm– Joe Rafferty is the victim of the final table’s first bad beat, which leaves David Pomroy smiling. Joe’s pocket sixes find another on the flop, which is bad, bad new for Pomroy. He has ace-nine and for once can’t bully his opponent off the hand. He goes all in in the attempt, but Joe calls. The runner-runner straight for Pomroy is just what happens in poker sometimes. Still five – and Pomroy is back in the mix.

11.20pm– Another 15 minute break for the five players remaining. Here’s what they’re sitting with – and you might notice a Scandinavian bias again.

Henric Olander – 1,154,500
Mats Gavatin – 571,000
Joe Rafferty – 298,500
David Pomroy – 235,500
Pete Haslam – 223,000

The levels move to 7,500 – 15,000 with a 1,500 ante.

Henric Olander: running away with it

11.10pm– Big pot, especially if you’re name is Pete Haslam. Joe Rafferty raises pre-flop and Pete moves in. Then it gets interesting. David Pomroy, who was tearing through the field this afternoon but has been quiet recently, then moves all in as well. A massive-looking overbet, clearly intended to leave him heads up with Pete. It works – Joe folds – but when they show what they’re holding, Pete has ace-king and David a mere nine-ten suited. No help and David gives most of his stack to the man from Chorley.

10.44pm– Jim Reid is eliminated in sixth place.

The end of Jim Reid

Jim made a small pre-flop raise from the button, Henrik Olander called from the big blind. No surprises. The flop is eight, queen, king, with two clubs. Henric bets but is re-raised all-in by Jim Reid. After only a moment’s thought, Henric makes what can only be described as a great call. He turns over just ace-seven, but must have put his opponent on even less. Or a flush draw. He was right as Jim shows ten-two of clubs and needs another one for the flush. An ace on the turn, no flush or straight to save Reid, and he’s going home with €49,600.

10.20pm– A moment of drama when David Pomroy raises and is reraised all-in by Joe Rafferty. David calls and both players show ace-king. No further drama, just a split pot.

10.00pm– The six remaining players are now taking a five minute break. The updated chip counts, after the two eliminations, and the steamroller that is Henric Olander, are as follows:

Henrik Olander 776,000
Mats Gavatin 462,000
David Pomroy 416,000
Joe Rafferty 393,000
Pete Haslam 209,000
Jim Reid 189,000

9.45pm– Michael Greco eliminated in seventh place Henric can do no wrong. Michael Greco, the former Eastenders actor, was sitting with pocket jacks. The Swede wasn’t. The flop showed queen-four-four and the turn was a two. Greco moves in, Henric calls, and shows his holding: queen-jack. The actor played the tragic hero to perfection.

9.40pm– Jim Reid proves that the luck of the Irish has not been exhausted despite Michael O’Sullivan’s exit. He finds himself all in and called with a king-queen. Joe Rafferty, his countryman, is holding pocket queens. By the time the river is dealt, there’s an ace, jack and a ten on display and that’s a straight. He doubles up.

9.30pm — Michael O’Sullivan is eliminated.

Mick bites the dust

The Irish player sticks in a moderate pre-flop raise and to no-one’s surprise Henric Olander re-raises. He only has one word in his vocabulary. Michael moves in and Henric calls. Michael shows ace-ten and if Henric’s pocket jacks were leading at this point, they are formidable when the flop brings jack-two-two. Henric flops a full house and Michael is heading back to cork with €29,800.

Michael O’Sullivan: our eighth placed finisher

9.15pm — It’s still the Henric Olander show. The Swede is raising pre-flop almost every hand and just hit two-pair with his eight-nine when the two blinds – Pete Haslam and Mats Gavatin – called and then checked it down. Henric began the final table with 209,000 in chips. He’s the only early mover and is up to about 270,000.

A reminder of what they’re playing for:

1 €317,000
2 €174,500
3 €89,300
4 €69,500
5 €59,500
6 €49,600
7 €39,800
8 €29,800

9pm — Jim Reid, the short-stack from Ireland, moves in pre-flop and picks up the blinds and antes.

8.45pm — The final table begins with Henric Olander, from Sweden, opening the first pot. He’s re-raised by Joe Rafferty, the chip leader, and mucks. Olander is not to be denied, however, and raises the next three pots pre-flop, picking up blinds and antes.


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