Down to two

October 30, 2005

Update: Baunach is knocked out by David Pomroy. He takes €7,900 for 17th place

Just two tables now remain, crammed into the far corner of an increasingly stuffy, and not a little aromatic, basement of the Merrion.

It’s difficult to get an accurate chip count, but it seems as though Henric Olander and David Pomroy are near to the top, while Christoph Baunach is the short stack. The man from Wuerzburg, near Frankfurt, Germany, is playing his first ever live tournament and is deep into the money – although he’ll need a couple more double ups to go much further. Stranger things have happened.

Patric Martenson and Christoph Baunach

Patric Martenson, who finished fifth in Barcelona earlier this year, departed in 18th place, taking home €7,900 this time.


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