Josembmg wins Sunday Million, Astedt and Nemeth face off again in HRC

October 05, 2020inPoker

It’s been a brilliant weekend on PokerStars. Many of the Half Price Sunday events reached over double their guarantees. Several players picked up double results, and Astedt and Nemeth found themselves heads-up in the High Roller Club for the second week in a row.

Here are the poker highlights from the weekend:

Half Price Sunday results

Here are the results from the Half Price Sunday events.

$54.50 Half Price Sunday Kickoff: The total prize pool for the Kickoff reached $149k. “Scarmak3r” from Slovenia claimed first, adding $21,559 to their online total of over $1.8 million (of which over $1.3 million came in a single event). “gagga888” from the UK came second for $15,243.

$107.50 Half Price Sunday Warm-Up: The prize pool for the Warm-Up reached a jaw-dropping $283,900 (nearly triple the $100k guarantee). The final three players made a deal – “sanken90” from Sweden walked away with $25,292 for third and “DanHenderson1” from Russia came second for $28,074. “RojerBlanco” from Kazakhstan, who’s results this year include first place in a BSOP Online event and a win in a $33 Bounty Builder, came first in the Warm-Up for $37,582 – their their biggest ever score.

$5.50 Half Price Sunday Storm: Considering the relatively humble $5.50 buy-in for the Storm, the final table offered huge prizes. Perhaps sensing this, the top three players opted for a chop. After the deal was made, “MasterVuDo” from Ukraine came third for $9,188, “pinkinsidee” from Brazil took $10,151 for second, and Japan’s “w.kohei” came first for $13,500.

$54.50 Half Price Sunday Cooldown (PKO): In the Cooldown, “surikatka” from Poland came second for a total of $21,070. “Adzetas” from the UK delivered the final knockout and added to an already impressive accumulation of bounties. They earned a total of $30,836 ($12,696 coming from KOs).

$107.50 Half Price Sunday Supersonic: Possibly the fastest way to win five figures, the Sunday Supersonic reached a $163k prize pool this weekend. There was no deal to be made here, as the two Swedish players battled heads-up to the end. “SURLOPE” came in second for $17,396, with “TiltMeBig” finished first for $24,929.

Astedt and Nemeth heads-up again

It’s not too unusual to be reporting on the results of players like Niklas “Lena900” Astedt and Andras “probirs” Nemeth.

The legendary pros made a heads-up deal in the HRC last week. This time, they found themselves heads-up in the $1,050 Sunday Supersonic – and again opted for a deal.

Nemeth took more from the split, then finished in second place for a total of $19,458. Astedt bagged first place and $19,128.

Astedt also finished third in this week’s HRC Sunday Warm-Up, adding a further $13,295 to his weekend total.

All in a day’s work for Niklas “Lena900” Astedt

Doubles for PIPON777 and luckyman147

This weekend there were several players who hit decent results in multiple tourneys. “PIPON777” from Latvia scored two first place finishes on Saturday, while “luckyman147” from Poland managed to lock up a first and second place on the same day.

PIPON777’s previous results include WCOOP and SCOOP final tables, a Winter Series title and successive High Roller Club wins. On Saturday, they picked up a PKO double, coming first in the $109 Saturday KO Mania PLO8 for a total of $3,923, followed by first place in the $215 Saturday Scuffle for $7,938.

SCOOP winner and Sunday Million final tablist luckyman147’s results also show a particular affinity for PKOs. luckman147 didn’t quite manage a “pure” double. They came second in Saturday’s HRC $1,050 Daily Cooldown for a total of $9,065, following up with a win in the $530 Daily Supersonic for $10,195.

PIPON777’s combined score: $11,861
luckyman147’s combined score: $19,260

Also in the High Roller Club…

  • Russia’s “Leslie Grove” is another player who is showing consistent form. Last week, they took down the $1,050 Sunday Cooldown for $25k. This week it was the $1.050 Saturday KO for a total of $11,000.


  • “VladTheSlaye” from Ukraine has had a huge year, including second place in the Stadium Series Weekly Final for $191k. This weekend, they came first in $1,050 Sunday Cooldown for a total of $29,383 ($17,109 of which came from knockouts). Vlad then took third place in the $1,050 Sunday HR for $25,594.


  • Torben “Tralllle” Sorensen from Denmark was the eventual winner of the Sunday HR, picking up one of the biggest single scores of the weekend, $45,379 for first.


  • “L1VeYRdrEams” from Canada, who’s results include SCOOP titles, Sunday Million first place, and an astounding $396k win in the Turbo Series Main Events, took down the new $215 Fat Sunday tourney for $18,900.


Sunday Million and Bounty Builder HR results

The Half Price Sunday Million prize pool stood at $1,335,950, with $134,946 set aside for first place. The top three players took a split. “Willy222444” from Czech had the most chips at the time of the deal, so walked away with $102,679 despite eventually coming third. “kinka81” from Bulgaria came second for $71,393. Brazilian player “josembmg” came out on top, earning $96,848 and crushing previous scores.

In the $530 Bounty Builder HR, “Maxim737” lead with 47 players left. Five players had over one million chips, and “Rigapols81” from Latvia had already secured $5,148 in bounties at the break. Rigapols81 continued with a dominating performance, coming first for $36,940 and picking up an incredible $44,465 in bounties to bring their tourney total up to $81,504.


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