Do you like free money? Join the PCA birthday party

November 12, 2012

Do you know what overlay is? Is it the amount of extra money being put into the pot when a tournament falls short of its guarantee? Yes, it is but it’s so much more. It’s peaches and cream, it’s a cool breeze on a hot summer’s day, it’s top set, the button and running hot all wrapped into one. Overlay should be seen as a thing of beauty to you, the poker player. It’s a Sklansky Buck birthday cake with a whole conflagration of free money candles.



Fancy playing a $10,300 tournament here for $10? Ummm, sure!
Yesterday’s weekly PCA 10-year Anniversary satellite offered a $61,938 overlay after 10,776 players bought into the $9.10 + $0.90 10-package guarantee tournament. $61,938 kicked in by PokerStars. Nice. Just by playing everyone registered was winning: each and every $10 buy-in was instantly converted to some $16 of tournament value. That is free money, ladies and gentlemen, and an overlay we at the PokerStars Blog felt duty bound to bring your attention to.

This really is a tournament you should be playing whatever stakes you normally grind at. Of course, you’ll need some run-good if you’re to win one of the 10 PCA packages (worth $16,000) but it’s definitely worth a shot. Buy in early, buy-in late. Swap percentages with three of your mates, stake a few up-and-coming low stakes players seeing as you’re getting such a beautiful discount. One of those $10 shots could become a lot, lot more. Your $10 could become an incredible $16,000 trip to The Bahamas and the $10,300 Main Event buy-in part of it could become $1,775,000 just like John Dibella managed this January gone by.

You can find the tournament using the ‘Requests’ >> ‘Find a tournament’ function on the drop down options in the lobby and looking for ‘641221629’ to take you through to this Sunday’s satellite. You can find all PCA qualifiers by clicking on the ‘Events’ >> ‘PCA’ tabs in the main PokerStars lobby.

is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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