Discover the link between hypnotherapy and poker with performance coach Elliot Roe

March 10, 2020inPoker

On this week’s episode of “Poker In The Ears”, Stapes and Hartigan are joined by hypnotherapist and poker performance coach Elliot Roe. It’s the second part of the podcast’s journey into poker health and fitness, dubbed “Mind over muscle”.

First it’s a quick catch up with the boys. Joe has been in Biloxi working as official poker advisor for the upcoming movie The Card Counter, while James has been in London defending the concept of the red asterisk at the Russian visa centre.

James gives his scathing review of Toy Story 4 (8:04) and Joe tells us about life on set in Mississippi, before Joe has to run off on business. He does have a real job now, you know?

Roe joins the show (18:00). He’s a successful hypnotherapist who has worked closely with some of poker’s greatest players to improve their mindsets and encourage them to overcome the dreaded mental state known as tilt.

After Roe used hypnotherapy to overcome his own fear of flying, he began to offer his services to poker players for free. What started out as an experiment (24:00), quickly grew into a serious business. Players working with Roe were seeing results, and this triggered an arms race of poker psychology.

Roe outlines the hypnotherapy process in more detail (31:24) and offers tips to players for overcoming the common problems caused by poker – namely tilt and the resulting rage that comes from it.

Hartigan is left with the task of hosting Joe’s stupid game, “Mental gloss-ary” (35:23), before Joe returns just in time to take on Ian Taylor in a Snatch-themed edition of Superfan vs Stapes (40:07).



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