Denis the menace leads ESPT Madrid

January 26, 2012


Casino Gran Madrid is a familiar name to European poker players. It was here that last year’s EPT Grand Final was held, and it will be a stop once more in EPT Season 8. This week, it is playing host to another PokerStars event: The Estrellas Poker Tour Madrid, the first stop of the tour’s third season.

Such is the popularity of the ESPT that 220 players turned up to play yesterday’s Day 1A, a bumper field that was whittled down to 110 by play’s end, when the Russian Denis Vasiliev was on top with 90,000, a stack that could have been as high as 120,000 were it not for a last-minute hiccup. Ruben Velasco is right behind him with 87,500 chips.


Leader: Denis Vasiliev

Also through safely to Day 2 of this €1,000 + €100 tournament are Team PokerStars Pro Juan Manuel Pastor and Friend of PokerStars Poli Rincon, the former football star, both with around 40,000.

I’m not sure how good your Spanish reading skills are, but if they are better than mine, then you can dive in to full live coverage of this event, which restarts at 2pm local time today, over on our sister Spanish PokerStars Blog, where Ivan Marti is writing so much he is in danger of setting his laptop on fire.

And for more info on the tour, see the Estrellas Poker Tour website.

Here is the full end-of-Day 1A chip count:

Denis Vasiliev Russian Federation 90000
Ruben Velasco Merino Spain 87400
Enrique Valle Lledosa Spain 85000
Mikel Allende Diaz PokerStars Player Spain 79800
Tamas Konya Hungary 65900
Luis Rodriguez Cruz PokerStars Qualifiers Spain 63800
Alexander Billy Stevic Sweden 58900
Dara O´Kearney Ireland 52700
Joaquin Serrano Cano Spain 52500
Pierre Mothes PokerStars Qualifiers Letonia 51700
Mario Muro Lacasa PokerStars Qualifiers Spain 51400
Andrey Gatilov PokerStars Qualifiers Russian Federation 51300
Miguel Arraco Serna PokerStars Qualifiers Spain 51200
Mantas Visockis PokerStars Qualifiers Lithunia 50100
Angel Calderon Romero Spain 50100
Javier Torrado Lindo PokerStars Qualifiers Spain 49000
Oscar Blanco Carrasco Spain 48500
Jonathan Sanchez Spain 46000
Elias Gutierrez Hernandez Spain 45300
Oscar Antonio Romero Martinez Spain 44000
Raul Molano Gil Spain 43000
Jose Obadia Chocron Spain 42500
Emilio Puigdellivol Abad PokerStars Qualifiers Spain 42000
Josuha Charles Hart United Kingdom 41600
Roy Vink PokerStars Qualifiers Netherlands 41200
Alexey Mironenkov PokerStars Qualifiers Russian Federation 40500
Juan Manuel Pastor Spain 39500
Samuel Bernabeu Guilabert PokerStars Qualifiers Spain 39200
Poli Rincon Spain 38300
Francisco Alvarez San Jose Spain 38100
Mihails Morozovs Lithunia 37800
Carlos Payo Diez PokerStars Qualifiers Spain 37800
Ruben Sanchez Cebollada Spain 37200
Alfonso Saiz Lopez Spain 37100
Gerardo Segui De La Paz Spain 36900
Roman Dolgorukov Russian Federation 36400
Eustaquio Imbernon Orenes PokerStars Qualifiers Spain 34500
Luis Hornero Sanchez Spain 34400
Carlos Gabriel Palaincini Lopez Mexico 34300
Andoni Larrabe Sanchez Spain 33700
Jose Luis Puente Oña PokerStars Qualifiers Spain 33700
Steve Enriquez Gallo Spain 33000
Ivan Martin Carballo PokerStars Qualifiers Spain 32800
Iulian Enache Romania 32400
Marco Antonio Rivas Nuðez Spain 31800
Manuel Martinez Solsona Spain 31800
Fernando Seror Garcia Spain 30900
Jose Manuel Perez Roman Spain 29500
Roberto Garcia Santiago Spain 28700
Ricardo Vilariño Gestal Spain 27900
Jose Luis Garcia Devesa PokerStars Qualifiers Spain 27500
Pablo Fernandez-Baldor Spain 26800
Francisco Jose Lopez Romero PokerStars Qualifiers Spain 26800
Jaime Closas Martinez PokerStars Qualifiers Spain 25800
Pawel Brzeski Poland 25700
Georgios Papadopoulos Sweden 25600
Ronan Arthur PokerStars Qualifiers Spain 25500
Ricardo Berzal Fernandez Spain 24800
Isidoro Barreña Diaz Spain 24700
Dimache Diulica Romania 23800
Manuel Cuberos Lopez-Cozar Spain 23700
Daniel Tejedor Moya PokerStars Qualifiers Spain 23600
Cesar Garcia Dominguez Spain 23500
Priit Brikker PokerStars Qualifiers Estonia 23400
Rodrigo Espinosa Gonzalez Spain 23300
Martin Damian Wainstein Berestovoy Argentina 23200
Manon Veldhuizen PokerStars Qualifiers Netherlands 23000
Mª Jesus Martinez Tejero Spain 22600
Alvaro Ballesteros Spain 22600
Theodor Lothman Sweden 22500
Ashley John Squirrell PokerStars Qualifiers United Kingdom 22100
Arturo Sabugal Alvarez Cascos Spain 22000
Antonio Calderon Catedra PokerStars Qualifiers Spain 21900
Jose Luis Rujas Gil Spain 21700
Justas Semaska Lithunia 21300
Mateusz Matla PokerStars Qualifiers United Kingdom 21000
He Jiang PokerStars Qualifiers Spain 20800
Francisco Salvador PokerStars Qualifiers Spain 20500
Jose Carlos Perez Torres Spain 20400
Josu Muro Motrico Spain 20100
Rafael Canoira Amador Spain 20000
Matthias Frost PokerStars Qualifiers Germany 18700
Angel Peñalver Hernandez Spain 18700
Ivan Santos Benavides PokerStars Qualifiers Spain 18300
Arpad Kovecses Hungary 18000
Luis Martinez Sidrach De Cardona PokerStars Qualifiers Spain 17600
Miguel Enseñat Matamalas PokerStars Qualifiers Spain 17400
Pentek Zsolt Hungary 15900
Vincas Tamasauskas PokerStars Qualifiers Lithunia 15700
Tim Bettingen PokerStars Qualifiers Germany 14600
Tim Davie PokerStars Qualifiers United Kingdom 14000
Martin Clemmensen PokerStars Qualifiers Denmark 13300
Vytautas Semaska PokerStars Qualifiers Lithunia 13200
Fabian Deimann PokerStars Qualifiers Germany 13100
Oleg Poluzhnikov PokerStars Qualifiers Russian Federation 12800
Hannes Krebs PokerStars Qualifiers Germany 11700
Chris Jensen Denmark 10900
Ramon Ortigosa Ruiz PokerStars Qualifiers Spain 9500
Vicente Delgado Zamorano PokerStars Qualifiers Spain 9400
David Rodriguez Lamas Spain 7600
Juan Jose Altuzarra Amutio PokerStars Qualifiers Spain 6600
Cesar Garcia Reillo PokerStars Qualifiers Spain 6200
Francisco Marin Pedreño PokerStars Qualifiers Spain 6000
Juan Manuel Campos Hernandez Spain 2200


Survivor: Juan Manuel Pastor


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