Deals, dates and victory for EdenR in 6/24/14 Super Tuesday

June 25, 2014

Many of the great sporting battles around the world are applauded not only for on-field success, but off-field respect. Two tennis titans shaking hands after a marathon five-setter. Two boxing foes embracing after going a full twelve rounds. How about two poker players sharing a beer at their local watering hole after playing online together for eleven hours? Well, that’s what we saw in today. It may not quite be the stuff of legends, but it was refreshing to see vicenfish and EdenR appearing to agree to celebrate their success together by heading off to share a beer in a local London pub after they were the final two players standing in the weekly Super Tuesday.

A total of 459 players would take part in this week’s $1,050 Super Tuesday on PokerStars, forming a prize pool of $459,000 and a slated top prize of almost $90,000. The international field was full of some of the world’s finest poker players who had chosen the online grind over WSOP glory. One Team PokerStars Pro was in the field, but Caio Pessagno was unable to follow up his deep run in this event last week as an early casualty this time around.

The top 54 players would share in the cash with the luck of the Irish going against torino2000 who was our unlucky bubble.

The players dropped away as the final table approached with eight and a half hours of play required before the final table of nine could be determined. Matthew “mjw006” Wakeman (11th) lost a big coin flip, before jadedjason (10th) ran ace-ten into the pocket tens of EdenR to see our final table set as follows:


Final Table Line up

Seat 1: Matt “lookoutdudes” McEwan (83,559 in chips)
Seat 2: seymouraces (78,558 in chips)
Seat 3: Andrzejeczek (223,496 in chips)
Seat 4: Djurraa (258,751 in chips)
Seat 5: EdenR (413,616 in chips)
Seat 6: vicenfish (643,905 in chips)
Seat 7: Uninc157 (376,972 in chips)
Seat 8: AaronBeen (145,867 in chips)
Seat 9: Raaadzio91 (70,276 in chips)

The final table blinds kicked off at 3,200/6,400/800, with a rather big discrepancy between our big stack vicenfish with over 100 big blinds and our short stacks with a touch over ten big blinds.

Raaadzio91 was one of those short stacks without a lot of room to move, and on the second hand of the final table, Raaadzio91 committed all in. Raaadzio91 held ace-queen and looked set to double up through vicenfish’s king-queen until an ace-jack-ten flop arrived to give vicenfish a Broadway straight! Raaadzio91 had one foot out the door when a king appeared on the river to give both players the same straight for a rather dramatic chopped pot to kick of the final table with a bang.

Matt “lookoutdudes” McEwan wasn’t quite so fortunate with the very same hand. lookoutdudes three-bet all in with A♠Q♣ and EdenR made the call with 9♥9♠. The board ran out 10♣K♥5♦5♣4♦ to see lookoutdudes first to the cashier in ninth place for $7,619.40.

seymouraces caught a double up with a straight against Uninc157, while Andrzejeczek landed a huge double with king-queen spiking a queen to top EdenR’s pocket tens.

It would be a short-stacked AaronBeen who was next to fall. He shoved for under five big blinds with A♠6♠ and EdenR made a gambling call in the big blind with an adventurous 5♥3♥. It proved to be a good gamble as the board was spread 5♠6♦3♦4♠Q♣ to give EdenR two pair to better AaronBeen’s pair of sixes. AaronBeen was left to depart in eighth place for a five-figure return of $10,327.50.

EdenR was surging towards the chip lead, but the momentum was again halted when Andrzejeczek doubled up, this time with pocket queens flopping a set against ace-king.

seymouraces found pocket aces, and another double up, before EdenR jumped back to the chip lead after winning a big coin flip with pocket sixes against vicenfish’s ace-queen.

The chips continued to fly as vicenfish and Djurraa went to war on the very next hand. Djurraa opened, vicenfish put in a three-bet before Djurraa moved all in with pocket sevens. vicenfish made the call with pocket tens and a third ten on the flop was more than enough to collect the pot.

Djurraa was left crippled and moments later, all in with what was left holding 2♥2♠. Andrzejeczek took it on with A♦8♣ with the board of 3♣Q♣J♠4♣9♣ delivering four clubs for the winning flush. Djurraa collected $14,917.50 for seventh place.

Six would quickly become five as Raaadzio91 finally lost the battle with a short stack. Raaadzio91 three-bet all in with 7♣7♥ and vicenfish made the call with J♦10♥. The board was spread 9♣K♦J♣3♠2♣ to pair up the jack and leave former WCOOP winner Raaadzio91 out in sixth place for $19,507.50.

vicenfish, EdenR and Andrzejeczek were sharing the chip lead, and when Uninc157 found a double up, it left seymouraces as the clear short stack. With under ten big blinds, seymouraces found A♦7♠ and moved all in but ran into EdenR’s A♠Q♦ who made an easy call. The board of K♥6♠3♠J♦6♣ brought no help for seymouraces who was out in fifth place for $25,704.

The four remaining players were relatively deep so we were expecting a tight battle, but incredibly, just two hands later, a 1.3 million chip pot erupted between EdenR and Andrzejeczek.

vicenfish started off with a raise before Andrzejeczek three-bet. EdenR was in the big blind and cold-called the raise as vicenfish got out of the way before the 10♣7♦4♣ flop landed. Andrzejeczek made a bet and EdenR raised. Andrzejeczek made the call before checking the 3♣ turn card. EdenR made a bet and Andrzejeczek another call as a big pot was already in the middle when the 2♥ appeared on the river. Andrzejeczek checked and EdenR moved all in to put Andrzejeczek to a decision for tournament life. Andrzejeczek clicked the call button and showed A♣10♠ for top pair, top kicker, but it was no good against EdenR’s K♣Q♣ flush. Just like that, Andrzejeczek was bounced out in fourth place for $36,720.

EdenR now had around two-thirds of the chips in play which was a great position to be in, but one which caused some dissention when the three players decided to look at the deal numbers. vicenfish and Uninc157 were happy to take ICM numbers but when EdenR wanted an additional $3,000 from the pool, the cards were quickly back in the air without a deal agreed to.

It proved to be a good decision for vicenfish who moments later was all in preflop with pocket nines. vicenfish looked in deep trouble against EdenR’s pocket kings but the case nine appeared on the flop to save vicenfish from elimination.

However Uninc157 wasn’t quite so fortunate. Uninc157 squeezed all in over the top of a raise and call, but EdenR made the call with A♣7♦ to be ahead of Uninc157’s K♦Q♣. The board would brick out J♦3♣5♥2♥9♣ to leave ace-high in front and eliminate Uninc157 in third place for an impressive $48,195 score.

Heads-Up Chip Counts
Seat 5: EdenR (1,441,114 in chips)
Seat 6: vicenfish (853,886 in chips)

After attempting to press the advantage in the three-way deal negotiations, EdenR was a lot more willing when the final two decided to look at the numbers. Both players agreed to a chip chop deal that left $6,000 and the Super Tuesday title in the middle to play for.

During the deal chat, it also appeared that the two players agreed to more than just a deal:

vicenfish said, “tonight to zoo bar?”
vicenfish said, “i live in london”
EdenR said, “zoo bar where is it?”
vicenfish said, “in picadilly”
vicenfish said, “soho”
EdenR said, “I never been there”
EdenR said, “OK why not”
vicenfish said, “nice pub”
EdenR said, “send me your email”

So with a deal, and apparently a hot date, locked up, the two set to finish off what they had started almost eleven hours earlier.

The heads-up battle was an entertaining one. EdenR extended the lead in the early stages after picking off a triple-barrel bluff from vicenfish, before vicenfish caught a pair with 7♥6♥ after shoving preflop into EdenR’s A♠10♠.

vicenfish climbed above the million chip mark after a river bet, raise and re-raise on a board of 6♥2♠Q♣2♦2♥. vicenfish was all in and EdenR was forced to give it up to see the contest close to even.

EdenR chipped away again before attempting a massive bluff at the wrong time with king-high on a queen-high board as vicenfish picked it off with pocket kings to double up and take over the chip lead.

However that would be as close as vicenfish would get to the title. EdenR managed a big double up in a two million chip pot holding J♣J♦, firing bets on the flop, turn and river on a board of 6♥3♣10♠J♠5♠. vicenfish couldn’t get away from 10♥9♦ as EdenR was now in control.


The final blow was struck when vicenfish shoved a short stack with K♥Q♥ and EdenR made the call with A♥9♠. The board fell 3♦J♥3♥A♣8♦ and despite flopping a flush draw, vicenfish would ultimately miss the board to be eliminated in second place for a post-deal total of $71,725.95. That meant that our Super Tuesday champ was none other than the UK’s EdenR who played a great final table to secure victory and $81,763.65 in prize money. Congratulations!

Super Tuesday (24th June 2014) – Final Table Results
Entrants: 459
Prize pool: $459,000.00
Places paid: 54

1. EdenR (United Kingdom) $81,763.65*
2. vicenfish (Portugal) $71,725.95*
3. Uninc157 (Germany) $48,195.00
4. Andrzejeczek (Poland) $36,720.00
5. seymouraces (Canada) $25,704.00
6. Raaadzio91 (Poland) $19,507.50
7. Djurraa (Netherlands) $14,917.50
8. AaronBeen (Mexico) $10,327.50
9. Matt “lookoutdudes” McEwan (Mexico) $7,619.40

* denotes heads-up chip chop deal

Heath “TassieDevil” Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.


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