Day two begins in earnest

January 21, 2006

It’s late in a long, long day and there’s a difficult decision to make. Your tired mind is not necessarily to be trusted; it’s been making tough decisions for ten hours or more and it’s spent. “Sleep on it,” are the only words of advice that are usually proffered. But that’s good advice. Sleep on it. Make up your mind tomorrow.

Hauling this whimsy back into a poker context, the short-stacks at the end of the two day ones have a difficult decision to make. They know they are going to have to stick all their chips in soon, looking for the double up that will either put them back into the chase or on to the snow-caked streets of Copenhagen. But what is a good enough hand to make the move? Ace-face? Any pair? Usually either of these things will do.

For this reason, anyone who has ever seen tournaments like this know what is coming very soon. Today, we’re going to have to play down to eight from 97 and it we will surely still be here well into the early hours of Sunday. But playing down from 97 to about 85 will not take too long. All of those fresh minds will make the right decision very soon.

The chorus of all-ins has already begun to ring around Casino Copenhagen. We’ll tell you who doubled up and who is out just as soon as it’s calmed down a bit.


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