WCOOP 2018: All the news from Day 15

September 17, 2018

The World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) is drawing to its conclusion, but there is no let up in the action at the tables. As the $10 million guaranteed Main Event got under way on Sunday evening, tournaments wrapped up that awarded another $5 million in prizes. And the largezt, szingle chunk wentz tzo a vezy familziar playzr. Find out more in our latezt zound-up.


• WCOOP Main Event is away and in the money
• $10.22 million prize pool in high buy-in; $1.99m in low
• Lex Veldhuis and Liv Boeree alive into Day 2
• Dzmitry “Colisea” Urbanovich wins second title in two days
• Brazil extends lead at top of countries leader board


The 2018 WCOOP Main Event is under way, and the guaranteed prize pools (of $10 million in the high buy-in event, and $1 million in the low) were comfortably reached. It means that this year’s World Champion is set for a payday of more than $1.5 million. The Main Events, with buy-ins of $5,200 and $55, take three days to play out, and we’re only at the end of Day 1. But here’s all you need to know so far:

Low: 39,817 (27,118 uniques, 12,699 re-entries)
High: 2,044 (1,572 uniques, 472 re-entries)

Prize pools
Low: $1,990,850
High: $10.22 million

First place
Low: $192,036.92
High: $1,529,002.94

Places paid
Low: 6,461 ($98.94 min cash; “ross417” of Russia bubbled)
High: 251 ($11,279.81 min cash; Andrey “Kroko-dill” Zaichenko bubbled)

Players through to Day 2
Low: 705 (leader: “stortv”, Norway. Four of top six are Norwegian.)
High: 248 (leader: “Revjot”, Sweden.)

Notables in top 30 include: Linus “LLinusLLove” Loeliger (2nd), Joao “Naza114” Vieira (18th), Ben “NeverScaredB” Wilonofsky (25th), bencb789 (27th), Noah “Exclusive” Boeken (28th).

Team Pros with chips
Low: Spraggy (497th)
High: Lex Veldhuis (94th), Liv Boeree (171st)

Ben “Spraggy” Spragg still alive in the WCOOP Main

Team Pros cashed already
Low: Jaime Staples 3,987th for $119.05; Andre Akkari 4,024th for $119.05


Name Buy-in Entries Prize pool Places Winner Country Prize
52-L:+R PLO [6-Max] $5.50 3,432 $56,090 575 sorcloud666 Hungary $6,606.40*
52-M:+R PLO [6-Max] $55 881 $161,123 119 nafnaf_funny Russia $26,966.30
52-H:+R PLO [6-Max] $530 220 $432,280 29 Aku1206 Finland $83,528.72
53-L: NLHE [6-Max] $22 9,327 $186,540 1,559 Money MaikeB Brazil $21,669.23*
53-M: NLHE [6-Max] $215 1,888 $377,600 251 babecallme Finland $51,699.74*
53-H: NLHE [6-Max] $2,100 296 $592,000 35 ANDREIIANN Belarus $112,999.03
54-L: 8-Game [High Roller] $109 992 $99,200 144 Zelja22 Croatia $16,616.00
54-M: 8-Game [High Roller] $1,050 181 $181,000 30 Noah “Exclusive” Boeken Netherlands $41,630.00
54-H: 8-Game [High Roller] $10,300 71 $750,000 9 Dzmity “Colisea” Urbanovich Latvia $225,000.00
60-L: NLHE [Turbo PKO] $11 16,408 $160,798 2,681 Lilita88 Bulgaria $12,541.42†
60-M: NLHE [Turbo PKO] $109 6,580 $658,000 953 Gstronda Brazil $67,017.83†
60-H: NLHE [Turbo PKO] $1,050 1,264 $1,264,000 161 TanTanSWE Sweden $162,464.41†*
Daily totals 41,540 $4,918,631 6,546 $586,715.42

*after deal
†including bounties


Urbanovich really is back: Always one to do things in streaks, Dzmitry “Colisea” Urbanovich won his second WCOOP title of the series last night, only two days after he won his first. That’s four in his career now for Urbanovich. This latest one was in the $10,300 8-Game High Roller and was worth $225,000. Among others, he knocked out all of his last four opponents, who were Benny “RunGodLike” Glaser, Viktor “Isildur1” Blom, Joao “Naza114” Vieira and Sami “Lrslzk” Kelopuro. Urbanovich also sits in 178th of 248 returning for Day 2 of the Main Event.

Dzmitry Urbanovich: Late arrival, two wins

Second for GStronda: Urbanovich was not the only player to pick up a second WCOOP title yesterday. Brazil’s “GStronda” won the $109 Turbo PKO for $67K, including bounties, having also won a $5.50 8-Max Turbo in WCOOP’s first week.

Overdue title for TanTanSWE: Sweden’s “TanTanSWE” won the $1,050 Turbo PKO for $162K (inc. bounties) and in the process brought career online tournament earnings past $6 million. He’s been to at least three SCOOP final tables and one WCOOP, but this is the first time he’s converted into a win.

Been doing this a while: Noah “Exclusive” Boeken has been doing this for a long time. The Dutchman won EPT Copenhagen in 2010, by which time he was already an online star. He has won at least one WCOOP title and one from SCOOP and last night added another. A screen-name like “Exclusive” hints at Boeken’s longevity (monikers like that aren’t available any more), but the $1,050 8-Game title was exclusively his.

Noah Boeken: Still Exclusive after all these years


Events completed: 165
Entries so far: 714,544
Prize pool so far: $70,588,896
Players in the money: 111,764
First prizes awarded: $11,135,210

Completed tournaments only


In addition to the Main Event (see above), we have the following all under way too:

WCOOP-56 NLHE Buy-ins: $5.50, $55, $530
WCOOP-57 NLHE Buy-ins: $22, $215, $2,100
WCOOP-59 PLO Buy-ins: $22, $215, $2,100

The $2,100 Hold’em has a last 38 that includes Connor “blanconegro” Drinan, Chris “Moorman1” Moorman, Steve “Mr. Tim Caum” O’Dwyer, Gianluca “Tankanza” Speranza, Ankush “pistons87” Mandavia, Simon “C. Darwin2” Mattson, Benny “toweliestar” Spindler, Mikita “luckyfish89” Badziakouski, Thiago “KKremate” Crema and Thomas “WushuTM” Muehloecker.

The $2,100 PLO has a last 20 that includes Shaun “shaundeeb” Deeb, who is leading, and “nilsef”, Viktor “Isildur1” Blom, Phil “MrSweets28” Galfond, Ari “BodogAri” Engel, “Lena900” and Joao “Naza114” Vieira.


Cats are not (yet) available in the Stars store, but @thinkingpoker suggests they might be a good addition:


It’s been a long, exhausting series for @PhilGalfond. 5am? That’s shocking.


“ONE TIME!” @Spraggy says. Does he mean “First time”?


Meanwhile it’s good to see the multi-tabling monsters remain at it–and there’s none better than @nanonoko:




Brazil won two titles yesterday and the UK won none, so the South Americans have pulled clear at the top of the countries leader board. There are still 17 tournaments undecided, so any of the following nations are technically still in with a chance of leading the pack (or tying with the leaders) at the end.

21 wins: Brazil; 18: UK; 14: Russia; 13: Germany; 10: Canada; 9: Finland; 8: Austria, Sweden; 6: Mexico, Netherlands; 4: Hungary, Belarus.


Multi-tabling Lex Veldhuis gets kings twice and ace-king twice all at the same time. See how he plays four monsters at once:


Just a Royal Flush for Lex. Nothing to see here.


And Spraggy gets himself into a “right little pickle”. Does he get himself out again?


Denis “aDrENalin710” Strebkov has been displaced at the top of both the High and the Medium buy-in leader boards. He is still well clear in the overall standings, but excellent recent showings from Joao “Naza114” Vieira and Finland’s “Fabahaba” have put them top.


1: Joao “Naza114” Vieira, Netherlands, 680
2: Denis “aDrENalin710” Strebkov, Russia, 620
3: Phil “MrSweets28” Galfond, Canada, 540
4: Sami “Lrslzk” Kelopuro, Finland, 425
5: ImluckNuts, Russia, 385


1: Fabahaba, Finland, 375
2: Denis “aDrENalin710” Strebkov, Russia, 350
3: pantri, Paraguay, 330
4: ImluckNuts, Russia, 310
5: Tobias “Senkel92” Leknes, Norway, 300

Click for all of the Player of the Series leader boards.


There are not many chances left for you to get involved with this year’s WCOOP. There are three NLHE Turbo Knockouts starting today, though, so maybe this is your chance:

WCOOP-61: NLHE PKO Buy-ins: $11, $109, $1,050


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