David Vamplew ploughs to EPT London Day 2 lead

October 01, 2010


It’s been a typical British autumn day outside; grey and very wet. It hasn’t been dry inside either, if it’s poker action we’re talking about. A total of 379 out of the record-starting 848 shook and packed away their umbrellas on their way into the ballroom at the Hilton Metrepole Hotel. There was one simple goal to aim for today – make it through the day. If you achieved that, then you’re in the money.

The clock was stopped with eight minutes remaining of level 15 when the bubble was burst. It’s the worst position in poker to finish, just like finishing fourth at the Olympics. The player just missing out of their piece of bronze was Eughan O’Dea (son of poker legend Donnacha). He made his stand with 5♥5♣ but was gutted to lose out to Adolfo Vaeza who eliminated him with A♣6♥ on a [6][6][9][t][a] board.


O’Dea shows his disappointment at bubbling

It’s a common occurrence to see a player emerge as chip leader on Day 2 and stay there throughout the day but today was very different. Although young British player David Vamplew holds the chip lead with a massive 1,130,400, after winning a monster pot late on versus Paul Kristoffersson (trips v full-house), many a player had touched the summit throughout the day. It being a very rainy day though this mantle became a slippery fellow to keep hold of. Claudio Cecchi started the day up top but was soon overtaken by Soheb Porbandarwala who passed it on to David Steicke, Andrew Seden, Thomas Bichon, Femi Fakinle and, penultimately, Benny Spindler.


Massive chip leader going into Day3

Chasing David Vamplew are Christopher Tighe (912,000), Steven Levy (640,300), Benny Spindler (621,700), John Haye (573,900) and Jamie Brown (457,400). Other notables we’ll be seeing tomorrow are Friend of PokerStars Teddy Sheringham (153,400), Phil Ivey (289,400) and John Juanda (210,300).


Just a min-cash so far for Daniel Negreanu

Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu popped his cherry today. After three seasons of trying he has managed his first ever EPT Main Event cash and finished the day on 66,200. It was a great day in general for the Team Pros and those in the money are Thomas Bichon (373,000), Arnaud Mattern (366,200), Noah Boeken (59,600), Alex Kravchenko (527,400), Greg Raymer (185,100), Chad Brown (97,100), Christophe de Muelder (65,300), Joe Hachem (180,000), Joep van den Bijgaart (143,200), JP Kelly (101,200), Juan Maceiras (127,800), Leo Fernandez (98,000), Alex Gomes (210,100), Jude Ainsworth (97,100) and Salvatore Bonavena (76,400).


Yet another EPT cash for steady Teddy Sheringham

Those not so fortunate included Team PokerStars SportsStar Boris Becker, Liv Boeree, Vicky Coren, Vanessa Rousso, Allen Cunningham, William Thorson, Dave Ulliot and Vanessa Rousso.

Day 3 tomorrow will be a 128-strong line-up where they will try and position themselves for a crack at the final 24. Some will just be happy to ladder up the pay scale as far as their short stacks will allow them. But that is tomorrow. Today is about all the 128 players as a whole who have all made a minimum of £7,500 for two days of work.

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Thanks, picture credits and (c) go to Neil Stoddart and Mickey May who have been ducking and diving the conditions all day. Until midday tomorrow then we bid you goodnight. While we’re away why not take a look at the video team’s look at the day’s events?


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