David Gomez leads final 11 heading into UKIPT5 Edinburgh final day

November 21, 2015


Gomez likes to lead from the front
That’s Day 2 of UKIPT Edinburgh in the books. It was a long one with ten one-hour levels and by the time the journey ended, 11 remained, ever so close to the final table. As the day rolled on a couple of great stories emerged and a bubble was burst, but first to the chip leader.

On Day 1B David Gomez used a fortunate start to help propel him to the end of day summit. Today the blog witnessed the other side of poker in his game. He snatched the lead off Alex Lynskey when the two battled in a pot in the dying moments but it was a pot he played on the bubble that stood out amongst all others today.

He raised to 8,500 and was only called by Chris Fox in the small blind. The flop fell 3♣9♠4♦ and Fox led out for 18,000. Gomez called to the 4♣ turn where he bet 38,000 when Fox checked to him. Fox called and then led for 58,000 on the 5♦ river but was soon shoved for his remaining 230,000. When Fox folded Gomez couldn’t help himself and opened A♥6♣ for ace high. That’s poker right there, folks. He’ll take 1,540,000 through to tomorrow and leads the following players:

Name Country Status Chips
David Gomez Spain PokerStars Qualifier 1,540,000
Alex Lynskey Australia PokerStars Qualifier 1,341,000
Benjamin Burnhill United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 1,144,000
Alan Brown United Kingdom 995,000
Gary Laing United Kingdom 720,000
Angelina Rich USA PokerStars Qualifier 706,000
Michael McGee United Kingdom 693,000
Donald Elliot United Kingdom 687,000
Dean Hutchison United Kingdom PokerStars Player 631,000
Thomas Pearn United Kingdom 472,000
Dara O’Kearney Ireland PokerStars Qualifier 408,000

The last time the UKIPT was in town was in January 2014, for Season 4’s Scottish leg, it was won by Dean Hutchison to keep the title on home soil. In the tour’s history no player has come back and defended his title, although there’s have been some near misses, but Hutchison has that chance tomorrow. He’s below average but we all know that anything can happen in this game.


Can Hutchison make history tomorrow?
Alex Lynskey made a good fist at topping the end of day counts once the tournament was drawn onto it’s last two tables. Up until that point, he and girlfriend Angelica Rich – who are up from Australia and have been travelling around Europe for the past two months – had been kept apart. Rich was the first player to pass a million chips but her stack dipped once Lynskey was on her right, let’s hope he’s doesn’t have to sleep on the floor tonight!

UKIPT5_Edinburgh_day2_Alex_lynskey.jpg UKIPT5_Edinburgh_Day2_Angelina_Rich.jpg

A head up couple battle would make for interesting viewing!
The bubble bust in the third level of the day and, despite some interesting hands that almost ended in showdown, the first all in and call got the job done and made 55 players in the room happy. Benjamin Burnhill opened from early position with ace-ten and Ross Findlay called all in with ace-seven. The flop ran blank and Findlay shook his opponent’s hand, welcomed the round of applause he received and made his exit.


Findlay (left) took bubbling well
The next few hours of play saw a steady stream of players busting, winning more and more money as time passed. Overnight chip leader Kevin Whelan found life at the baize more tricky today but he secured a cash, busting in 43rd; Dominik Nitsche recovered from a micro stack to cash before going in 39th; Jamie Ellwood, Jonathon Prested and Ben Jenkins all enjoy each other’s company so decided to bust 36th, 34th and 33rd; Kyle Maguire was sent on his way by buddy Hutchison and Andrew Teng got lucky to double once but not a second time, and went in 20th.


Nitsche cashed on ‘home’ soil
The final day starts at midday once more tomorrow and play will continue until a winner is crowned. Here’s how much the players who make the official final table can win:

1 49,660
2 31,490
3 22,760
4 18,410
5 14,570
6 11,210
7 8,340
8 6,038

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