Dare to Stream: Ghilley and RichyRob win Platinum Passes

December 27, 2019inPoker

The challenge was set: To take part in the #DareToStream promotion, all you were required to do was to link your PokerStars username to your Twitch account, watch the PokerStars channel for 24 hours, and stream 10 hours of poker on PokerStars on your own channel.

For those who dared, the reward could be one of the two Platinum Passes that GJReggie and pyefacepoker were giving away as part of the promotion.
Over 100 contestants accepted the challenge. Most of them eventually completed the requirements, too, which didn’t make the decision for GJReggie and pyefacepoker particularly easy.
Before they announced their winners, they teased viewers with a 30-minute long highlight montage, edited by pyefacepoker himself. It highlighted many contestants that took part and showed how many new faces this promotion had brought to Twitch.

Then, it was finally time to announce the Platinum Pass winners:

Our congratulations to Ghilley and RichyRob! We look forward to seeing you at the PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold’em Championship in 2020!

Our thanks as well to all the other contestants who took part. We hope to keep seeing you live on your Twitch channels — we will be watching!



PokerStars staff

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