Curry, beer and Liv Boeree’s charity tournament

May 24, 2013

My attempt to raise money for Cancer Research UK involves curry and beer. I know my friends like curry; I know they like beer. In fact, they like beer a lot. They also like invitations to come to my place and stay late. So, I’ve asked them for 10 pounds each to come to a charity curry party, rather than simply asking for donations to my fundraising page.

I hope curry + beer = money for a good cause. I hope my friends will have a good time, while knowing they’ve spent their Friday night cash for a worthwhile cause.

In a similar way, I hope poker players will play a $5+$5 PokerStars tournament on June 1 at 15:00 ET alongside Liv Boeree in order to raise funds for Cancer Research UK. This tournament will be fun (it’s playing with Liv!) and the $5 tourney fee will be donated to Cancer Research UK and used in research efforts to find cures for all 200 types of cancer.

Liv Boeree Race for Life.jpg

Liv Boeree has so far raised £2,370 of her £10,000 fundraising target. You can donate directly here through this link, and I know she will appreciate your support. Liv will race on Clapham Common, close to her London home, on June 1 in a Cancer Research UK Race for Life 10K event. It appears the race may be something of a challenge, as the EPT Grand Final was slap-bang in the middle of her training schedule, which she explains in this video.

I will be running a 5k race. This will also be a challenge, with the curry and beer night only 48 hours before the race… Could my running efforts be hampered by too much spicy food?

Look out for a week of Cancer Research UK fundraising tournaments from June 1 to June 9. Play poker, have fun, and know that your cash is helping a good cause. Cancer Research UK is the world’s leading charity dedicated to saving lives through research. This is a disease which effects countless people worldwide, but Cancer Research UK is working to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured.

Playing the charity tournaments or donating to Liv’s fundraising page will help this excellent cause, and may be responsible for feelings of satisfaction and cheeriness that beat anything that curry and beer can do for you.


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