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October 29, 2014

One thing I’ve been getting into lately is art, more specifically drawing. As a child I drew all the time – mostly it was horses or aeroplanes (don’t ask) and at some point the results were consistently good. However, as with most hobbies arising in childhood, the more emotionally variable years of my teens ultimately swallowed the necessary motivation for the more simple activities in exchange for more adventurous pursuits.

Anyway, either I’m regressing to childhood or maturing into artistry because I’m back into it again and loving it. It started during the Aussie travels earlier this year when my travel buddy and I decided to do some painting. A quick trip to a friendly art gallery and we were soon attempting a beach scene. Mine was rough, to put it politely, but at least had some extra authenticity with grains of sand getting everywhere and becoming part of the picture of the sand I was trying to recreate. Meta-sand, if you will.

With painting largely abandoned after that, I got a sketch pad and randomly started a scribbling of Igor at the computer, which to my surprise actually looked realistic:


Coincidentally, I was soon after approached to “doodle a rhino” for a charity auction raising money for Ol Pejeta Rhino Sanctuary. My previous animal expertise literally started and stopped at equines, so google came to the rescue with some photos, and I’m very pleased with the result:


Since then I’ve found drawing after an online session can be extremely decompressing. It’s so very different in its mental demands from the logical tests of poker and as such provides a great daily contrast. It’s also helping with general concentration – oftentimes my attention can be quite scattered when I’m set a task, but drawing gives me extensive moments of laser-sharp focus and opportunity for perfectionism.


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