Crack the Vault, win the Beehive, party time for High Rollers

August 14, 2020inPoker

In a lot of ways, you could say that it’s a nice chilled weekend here at PokerStars. The usual major tourneys are running, the Stadium Series afterparty is down to its last event, and players can put their feet up and enjoy the kind of grind that they’re by now well accustomed to.

Yet poker players know that there’s rarely a time to rest. There’s always extra value to be gained at the tables, if you know where to look. Blink, and you might miss the boosted guarantees, awesome promotions, and last chance challenges running over the next few days.

Here’s what’s going on this weekend on PokerStars.

Crack the Vault

Open up your “Challenges” window and you’ll see it there, standing proudly at the top of the page – an Ocean’s 11-esque task that requires you to crack several codes to unlock bonus boxes and cash prizes.

The latest PokerStars promotion – The Vault

All you have to do is play your usual real money games to earn reward points. Every time you unlock a chest, you’ll earn an additional chest containing three digits. Use these digits to crack open your bonuses. Unlock all three bonus chests and you’ll crack the Vault, which contains within prizes up to $15,000. You can find the full details here.

The value of prizes earned in the promotion depend on your Stars Rewards level, but even Blue box players can earn up to $250 for cracking open the Vault.

It’s all extra rake back, so always best to snap it up! Remember to “opt in” to start the challenge.

Last chance to win the Beehive Throwable

What about those pesky Throwables? Have you been keeping up? Today (Friday) is the deadline for the Beehive, the perfect Throwable for giving your opponents a nasty sting to the face after they bad beat you.

Your task to win 250 cash game hands. If you haven’t yet started, best hurry up with that one! If you’ve already made progress, be sure to finish off the job today to avoid missing out.

From Monday you’ll see another one pop up on your radar – the football Throwable. Check out the full challenge details in the link.

Party time for High Rollers

High rollers always have a lot of choice. Along with the higher buy-in Sunday majors, the High Roller Club runs games from $530 to $2,100.

The High Roller Club runs games from $530 to $2,100 every weekend

There’s also a little bit extra going on to get the party started this weekend.

The $530 Sunday Bounty Builder High Roller will have its guarantee doubled from $500k to $1 million! That’s as big as the Sunday Million in terms of prizes, but with fewer players to get through.

$22 and $55 Mega satellites for the special edition Bounty Builder are running on Friday and Saturday, with sub-satellites for $2.20 or $5.50 – so if you want to play with the big guns but don’t have the bankroll to fire, then that’s your way in.

The Stadium Series Afterparty High Roller event is another option for a $1 million tourney this weekend. $1,050 Phase 1s are still running. The top 10% of the field take their chips on to the Phase 2 final. Check it out in the “Stadium Series” tab. It’s the last chance of the series.


Of course, the usual schedule is still running strong at all buy-in levels, so head to the “Tourney” tab and reg up for your favourites.


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