Cool off your opponent with the Ice Bucket Throwable

June 11, 2020inPoker

Summer is just about here. Looking for a way to cool off? We’ve got just the thing.

As we shared before, two of the throwables are already available to everyone — fireworks and tissues.

There’s a new item to throw at your opponent now available as well — the ice bucket. Douse your opponent with an animated “cooler.” Take a look:

There are other throwables available for unlocking as well. Click on the “Challenges” tab in the PokerStars lobby and scroll down to the “Throwables” challenges, opt in, then complete the challenges to gain access to additional items you can toss about.

For example, once you opt in, in order to unlock the ice bucket all you have to do is to get a 2x multiplier three times in a row when playing Spin & Go’s. Then start splashing.

Once you unlock a new throwable, you get to keep it forever. However you only have until July 13 to complete the challenges to unlock the additional throwables.

Also, know that among the many ways you can customize the tables at PokerStars, you can always disable “Throwables” if you wish. Here’s how to remove them:

Settings → Table Appearance → Animation → Table Emotes → Disabled

There will be more throwables coming in addition to these later on — so keep your eyes peeled. And keep your heads up, too, in case anyone might be throwing something at you!



PokerStars staff

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