Chris and Chris and Doug and Don

January 20, 2006

You ever hear about Chris from Tennessee? You know, the kid who qualifies on PokerStars and takes the “live” fields to the cleaners. Sure you have. This is the guy, right, hiding beneath that cap?

Meet Chris from Tennessee

Well, yes and no. It’s not Chris Moneymaker, if that’s who you thought I meant. He’s out. Read about his demise here.

This is Christopher Nile Hancock, originally from Memphis, now living in Las Vegas. I wonder what took him there?

Currently, this Chris is sitting behind a stack approaching 40,000, which, considering they started with 10,000 and there are three days left, is not bad at all.

Here too is Don Protz, another PokerStars qualifier who has his eye on the big bucks.

Don, of Doug and Don, Protz

The boy from Canmore, Canada is now carving through Copenhagen. He’s here with his brother Doug, who plays tomorrow. I have a feeling we might here more about one or both of these boys.


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