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August 22, 2019inPoker

You know the drill by now, we’re on a quest to find EPT Barcelona’s greatest moment, but we can’t do it without you. We’ve condensed 15 years of history into eight amazing moments and pitched them into gladiatorial battle against each other. You get to decide who lives and dies — not literally, but you do get to decide which hands advance to the next round.

You’ve made two big calls already and today it’s time for a third. Both of the hands you’re about to watch left players at the table speechless, but for very different reasons.

Busquet’s Ace Result

So you’re saying there’s a chance?

When you’re less than 1% on the flop, then usually not even that trick where you stand up and collect all your belongings does the trick. That adds like 2% at most. Olivier Busquet sat still and left it to the others at the table do the talking.

“It’ll make great television,” said Sven Reichardt, who was Busquet’s opponent in the hand. And you know what, it did. See for yourself below.

Jacobson Blasts Off

A few months after this hand took place, from Barcelona 2014, Martin Jacobson became World Champion, winning $10M. Perhaps he learned what not to do after this hand against Dan Colman, which took place in the €50,000 Super High Roller.

“That was a gift,” said Colman. “I’ve never seen him do something like this,” replied Martin Finger. Watch the clip to find out exactly what it was the Jacobson did.

Ok, you’ve seen the hands, which one makes your throw up a little or make you want to message a friend to say ‘have you seen this?. Cast your vote on the @PokerStarsLive Twitter page for the hand you think deserves to make it through to the semi-finals.

Coverage of this year’s EPT Barcelona action is already under way on the PokerStars Blog. It’s all about the EPT National today, we’re covering Day 1C and 1D, catch up on all the action here.

LAST CHANCE satellite alert: tonight at 21:15 CET is the final online Main Event qualifier. There are five seats plus expenses guaranteed, direct buy-in is €530 but there are feeders that don’t hit the pocket so hard.



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