It will freak you out, but now you can celebrate Halloween with the spider throwable

October 07, 2020inPoker

Spiders. They’re creepy, and nobody wants one on their face.

That’s what makes the Spider Throwable such a great additional to your collection. It has an almost primeval motive. It will scare, haunt and terrify opponents into hapless submission.

To get the Spider Throwable, all you have to do is finish in the Top 50% of any daily Spin N Go leaderboard.

There’s three leaderboards to choose from – the low stakes ($1/$2), medium stakes ($5/$10) and high stakes ($25/$50).

Play ten Spin N Gos at any of these stakes to accumulate leaderboard points. Finish in the top 50% on any leaderboard and the Spider Throwable will be all yours.

You’ve got plenty of time between now and Halloween to make it happen. The deadline for this Throwable is November 1. So, what are you waiting for?

Be sure to activate both the Spider Throwable and the Spin N Go 10 in your “Challenges” window to start the hunt.


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