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Apr 13, 2022 in Poker

Why all the fuss about the PSPC?

Dec 2, 2021 in Poker

PokerStars Big 20 – 2018: The year of platinum hunting

Mar 12, 2020 in Poker

Want to win a Platinum Pass? Fintan’s giving one away this “Easter with Aces”

Mar 6, 2020 in Poker

Call for nominations: It’s the International Women’s Day Platinum Pass giveaway!

Mar 3, 2020 in PSPC

Amel Husnic’s big surprise: A Platinum Pass to the PSPC

Feb 28, 2020 in PSPC

Celebrate International Women’s Day with a Platinum Pass!

Feb 17, 2020 in PSPC

The marathon and the sprint as two Platinum Passes handed out in France

Feb 12, 2020 in Poker

SPRAGGMAS: THE FINALE – Win a Platinum Pass and join Benj in Barcelona

Feb 3, 2020 in PSPC

Another Platinum Pass up for grabs as Road to PSPC heads to Hamburg

Jan 30, 2020 in Features

LEX LIVE 3: Meet ‘RichyRob’ – Platinum Pass winner, streamer, and “edutainer”

Jan 21, 2020 in PSPC

Fritz scores one for Austria as German speakers continue to dominate Mega Path

Jan 20, 2020 in PSPC

Four Platinum Passes handed out on busy weekend

Jan 14, 2020 in PSPC

After TCOOP, Sunday Million and SCOOP success, Dinesh Alt targets PSPC

Jan 9, 2020 in Poker

Platinum Pass winner Michael Robionek to relive deep PSPC run on Twitch

Dec 27, 2019 in Poker

Dare to Stream: Ghilley and RichyRob win Platinum Passes

Dec 17, 2019 in Poker

GJReggie and Pyefacepoker on their whirlwind year and Platinum Pass presents in Prague

Dec 16, 2019 in PSPC

Heiko Warnke holds off the tears as he claims Platinum Pass in freeroll

Dec 13, 2019 in PSPC

Shine on you crazy pineapple: Evgenii Shibaldin wins Prague flipout and PSPC Platinum Pass

Dec 11, 2019 in Poker

Canada’s The Morning Show welcomes double Platinum Pass winner Jennifer Carter

Dec 6, 2019 in Poker

Peru’s Sebastian Gaviño wins Platinum Pass as Akkari’s Road To PSPC breaks all South American records

Nov 25, 2019 in PSPC

Dublin baker Victor Antoci cooks up Platinum Pass

Nov 23, 2019 in PSPC

Antoci untouchable as latest Platinum Pass won in Dublin

Nov 20, 2019 in PSPC

How Pierre Lewandowski’s motivation led him back to the PSPC

Nov 13, 2019 in PSPC

‘The brilliant Platinum Pass Experience took us back to online poker’s golden days’

Nov 10, 2019 in PSPC

Cordeiro dos Santos claims another Platinum Pass for Brazil

Nov 10, 2019 in PSPC

Meet Oliver Hutchins, the reluctant star now a Platinum Pass winner

Nov 9, 2019 in PSPC

Hutchins takes top prize from Platinum Pass Experience

Nov 7, 2019 in Poker

Moneymaker on Tour: “I feel like a game show host!”

Nov 3, 2019 in PSPC

Hull’s Daniel Stancer wins Platinum Pass at Moneymaker Tour in Newcastle

Oct 31, 2019 in PSPC

Jennifer Carter conquers Mega Path, wins Platinum Pass for second consecutive year

Oct 27, 2019 in Poker

Moneymaker deals a Platinum Pass to London’s Andrew Barham

Oct 25, 2019 in PSPC

Try, try, try and try again: Fourth time is Platinum for Gideon Dietrich

Oct 22, 2019 in PSPC

Comeback king Ferretti ends six-year absence with Platinum Pass success

Oct 16, 2019 in Poker

Six seats filled, two left: Join the Platinum Pass Experience

Oct 15, 2019 in Poker

To Barcelona, via Sao Paulo! Andre Akkari has a Platinum Pass to give away

Oct 15, 2019 in Poker

New chance to win a Platinum Pass in Paris!

Oct 14, 2019 in Poker

Vadzim Haiduk: Moneymaker’s Minsk-based fan wins Platinum Pass

Oct 10, 2019 in Poker

Vamos! Vamos! Brazilian Paulo Milani becomes first double Platinum Pass winner

Oct 5, 2019 in Poker

Steve Zander first out the blocks to win Platinum Pass

Oct 4, 2019 in Poker

LEX LIVE 2: Patrick Winterbottom wins Streamer Showdown for Platinum Pass to PSPC

Oct 4, 2019 in Poker

Simon Gilles turns 50 StarsCoins into Platinum Pass

Sep 27, 2019 in Poker

Welcome to the Platinum Pass Experience

Sep 23, 2019 in PSPC

Track each Platinum Pass using our interactive map

Sep 20, 2019 in Poker

Moneymaker Tour goes global for PSPC 2020

Aug 30, 2019 in Poker

Chase Your Dream photo gallery

Aug 29, 2019 in Poker

Unlock your PSPC Mystery Chest and win a Platinum Pass

Aug 29, 2019 in Poker

PSPC 2020: Danielle Summer’s place in the sun

Aug 29, 2019 in Poker

PSPC 2020: Great timing by Christoph Walkenhorst 

Aug 29, 2019 in Poker

PSPC 2020: Daryl Inglis might need a bigger jar

Aug 29, 2019 in Poker

PSPC 2020: The dream came true for Adrian Viñuela

Aug 29, 2019 in Poker

PSPC 2020: First pass for Clement Eloy

Aug 27, 2019 in PSPC

PokerStars announces PSPC 2020

Jan 10, 2019 in Poker

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